Easy ways to decorate a rental home

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Even if you’re in a temporary rental home, there are easy ways you can update the space to make it feel like a home. While many of these ideas are purely cosmetic, always be sure to check with your landlord before doing anything that couldn’t be returned to the original move-in condition before beginning any updates.

1. Hang curtains

Window treatments can completely change the feel of a space. Curtains provide privacy as well as darken rooms to help with rest. If curtain rods aren’t already present, inexpensive tension rods can be mounted inside windows. Colorful curtains can brighten up a dull paint job or the white walls that can be typical of a rental.

2. Add area or throw rugs

Rugs will warm up tile or linoleum floors and can cover the less-than-stellar carpet that may come with the rental. Area rugs can be placed throughout the home to brighten up a space as well as dampen noise. Again, a rug is an easy way to add color to brighten up a room.

3. Add plants and potted flowers

Some fresh greenery not only cleans the air but adds life to a space, and flowers brighten any room. Add them not only indoors, but also in pots for outdoor spaces like balconies or on the front steps. These small changes make the home more welcoming.

4. Temporary wallpaper

A recent trend in home decor is temporary wallpaper which goes on like wallpaper but peels off when you decide you’re done with it. There are many fun colors and patterns available to help personalize your space—adding it to just one wall can make a big difference in a room. Smaller decals (like polka dots adhered in a regular pattern) also provide the same impact on a simpler scale.

5. Add shelving

If storage is an issue, additional shelving can be added throughout the home. Add inexpensive shelves to hold books, picture frames, and other personal items that when scattered throughout the home will brighten up a space. A blank wall can be updated with some semi-permanent shelves, just be sure to ask the landlord in advance and if you need to remove them to repair the wall when you vacate the property.

6. Multi-purpose furniture

Look for furniture that serves dual purposes, such as a dresser that holds a TV and has drawers underneath for storage. Other larger pieces can help make the house more livable, like using a table in a smaller kitchen that can double as a food prep area.

7. Hang artwork and family pictures

Nothing says home more than displaying a collection of memories. Using simple picture-hanging materials, group pictures together to create a gallery wall or hang art that is special to you throughout the home. Small holes are simple to fill in before you move out.

8. Change out hardware

A fast way to make a dated kitchen or bath feel more modern is by updating the cabinet hardware. Home warehouse stores have a great selection of pulls and knobs that are easy to switch out and cost just a few dollars each.

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