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For homeowners and apartment dwellers alike, color can be a daunting part of decorating a space. But with the right tools and a little know-how, designing a beautifully colorful space can be a breeze. In this easy how-to guide, we’ll talk about the best places to bring color into your home, along with tips for layering colors to create a sophisticated and engaging look.

1. Paint

Paint is usually the first thing most people think of when it’s time to add a bit of color to their surroundings. Your walls are your biggest canvas for making a color statement in your home. In this room, the light gray color on the walls adds a touch of interest to the classic black-and-white color palette. Painting the walls in a cool neutral tone provides a great backdrop for other colorful moments, especially the stark contrast between the walls and the black mantle and coffee table.

You can also use paint to flip the classic color palette, pairing dark, moody walls with lighter colors like the whimsical pattern on the duvet cover on the bed. Black is a strong neutral when used in large quantities on a wall and is great for contrast. The shade allows everything else, from the white ceiling and trim to the green of a potted plant, to really pop.

2. Art

Another way to use your walls as a canvas is to put an actual canvas on them. Art is an amazing tool for bringing a variety of colors into your space while adding a personal note of style to make the space uniquely your own. Multi colored pieces, like the one seen here, can act as anchors for the color palette of your room, tying together other colorful pieces such as flowers or even books.

A gallery wall is another advanced technique for really maximizing the impact that art can have on a room. This is especially useful in spaces with white walls that have a mostly neutral color palette. Your art and accessories don’t all have to have exactly the same colors, but you do want them to have enough shades in common that they create layers of color in your space.

3. Furnishings

To make your space really stand out from the rest, choose a large piece of furniture in a bold color. The key to making statement pieces like this work is to let them be the biggest pop of color in the room while surrounding them with complementary colors like the yellow in the pillow and the pink in the rug.

Draperies give you another unexpected opportunity for a dramatic pop of color in a room. Like the sofa, soft furnishings, like colorful drapes can be the main attraction when installed in your home. They’re the perfect way to breathe life and a bit of modern flair into a room done mostly in neutrals like the white walls and gray sofas seen here.

4. Rugs

When looking for spaces to add a dash of color, don’t forget about your floors. The right rug can add all the color you need to any interior. Look for antique pieces in bold colors or combinations of different shades. Notice how the rug in this image brings together the colors of the art while providing a beautiful showcase for the table.

Go global for colorful rugs. Pieces like these boucherouite rugs from Morocco offer a wonderful variety of colors and textures while evoking cultures from around the globe. They’re the perfect pieces for brightening a room while adding a sophisticated and worldly flavor.

Images courtesy of AphroChic. All rights reserved.

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