3 home furnishings that stand up to messes

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Let’s face it—life is messy! I wish it wasn’t so, but I’m prone to knocking things over, especially in the morning before my coffee has kicked in. Add in the two large dogs that my husband and I share our home with and you get a whole other layer of messiness. Despite all this, our friends and family always comment on how clean our home is and are sometimes scared to sit on our furniture! If they only knew …

Did I mention that my husband and I favor light-colored chairs and rugs to complement our midcentury home? We are fearless. So how do we keep our furniture looking new and smelling fresh? It’s not magic, nor do we keep things covered in a fresh layer of stain resistant spray. And as much as I wish I got to every little mess immediately, I don’t. Here are my three home furnishing favorites that are up to the challenge of life’s little messes.

Machine-washable rugs

Rugs in high-traffic areas take a serious beating. Mine have been covered in more things than I care to mention. (Who fed the dogs that week-old turkey?) This is why I favor rugs that I can easily pop in the washing machine. Not only is it a total time-saver, but my rugs smell fresh, look brand new, and don’t end up with weird spots where you can clearly tell someone scrubbed. A total game changer!

Tip: A quick search in your favorite browser will pull up plenty of options.

Couches and chairs with washable covers

I’m not talking about a slipcover here, but removable cushion covers that you can pop in the wash like a pillowcase. You read that right! I love crisp, clean lines in my furniture and with washable covers I get to keep them. Our furniture has that fresh-off-the-showroom-floor look, and I don’t fret when one of our dogs sneaks into the white chair she knows is off-limits. (She is more committed to winning that battle that I am.)

Tip: Many furniture stores carry lines that are washable, so be sure to ask.

Ottomans covered in throws

This one might seem like a bit of a cop-out compared to the other two items on the list, but stick with me! First, throws make a home feel cozy and more inviting. Second, they can be switched out with the season and become part of your home’s decoration. Third, they extend the life of your ottoman. A throw can protect the edges from getting frayed or dirty by propped-up feet. They are also great at protecting your ottoman from a dog that might use them as a back scratcher. (Do your dogs do this too?)

Tip: Have a couple of throws in rotation so if one is in the wash you have a spare to toss on your ottoman.

If my furniture can survive what I throw at it, then so can yours! Just because you have pets, kiddos, or a messy partner doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. So go ahead, enjoy, and maybe even fool your friends into thinking your furniture is brand new.

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