The easiest home projects to tackle

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Whether you live in a historical home or brand-new construction, it doesn’t take long to figure out that there are always projects to do around the house! Even the smallest updates can make a huge difference when it comes to improving curb appeal, livability, and even resale value. 

Because life is busy, all of these projects can be completed by inexperienced DIYers in just a few hours or, at most, a day. A bonus is that they’re all fairly inexpensive, giving you quite a bit of bang for your renovation buck. 

1. Paint

Paint is always at the top of the list because it’s inexpensive but creates a huge impact. Inside, touch up your trim by taking a piece of molding to the store and asking for a color match to your existing paint. Or paint it a completely new color (dark gray and charcoal are popular colors right now, and white is timeless). Or, in an afternoon’s time, transform an entire room with a gallon of paint. If you don’t have a steady hand for cutting in edges, just use one of the many excellent painter’s tapes on the market. 

Outside, consider giving your front door a makeover, and don’t forget to clean and shine the hardware. Spring and fall are the best times of year to paint your door because the weather is more temperate, but hanging a sheet of thick plastic in your doorway will minimize energy loss year-round.

2. Wallpaper 

Wallpaper is trending again, but the wallpapers on the market now don’t require the cutting and pasting that those in years past did. Smaller rooms like bathrooms and accent walls are great places to try them out. Most current wallpapers are peel and stick and, best of all, removable. This makes them a perfect option for renters as well as homeowners. 

3. Hardware 

If your budget can’t support a full kitchen or bath renovation, simply changing the finishes can make a huge difference. Knobs and drawer pulls are inexpensive ways to update cabinetry and only require a screwdriver to install. While we still see plenty of oiled copper and stainless steel hardware on bathroom and kitchen cabinets, consider brushed gold for a more modern metal finish. And if your faucets also need updating, that’s a project that only takes an hour or two and a basin wrench to complete. 

4. Light fixtures 

Light fixtures are the jewelry of a room and can make an enormous difference in its appearance. Once you understand the basics of wiring (or rewiring) lighting, you can change out a chandelier or other fixture in just a few minutes. If the videos and tutorials on the internet don’t increase your comfort level with working with electricity, hire an electrician to walk you through the process. It’ll be money well spent that will save you hundreds of dollarsor more!—over the long run. 

When it comes to home improvements, a small investment can yield a big return. Happy DIYing! 

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