Exterior DIYs for increased curb appeal

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Increasing your curb appeal is very easy with simple exterior DIYs. You can completely change the look of your house with paint, some inexpensive DIYs and a little elbow grease. This can increase the value of your property, make your neighbors proud (and a little jealous!) and make you feel more at home. Here are several ideas of affordable ways to boost your curb appeal and improve your home’s exterior appearance.

front door

Front door bling

Add a little bling to the face of your house with a fresh coat of paint on your front door and new door hardware. For under $100 and one afternoon of time, you can revamp the entrance to your home. It’s like adding lipstick! The entire face of your home feels more presentable with this one easy DIY. Remember to choose a shade darker than you love because every exterior paint color appears lighter.

flower beds

Make up the beds

We all know how fresh a newly made bed feels when we are ready to settle in for the night. Well, the same applies outside. Giving  your garden beds a layer of mulch, some new plants and a bit of structure with stepping stones or a border can make your exterior feel fresh and appealing. This DIY takes a lot more elbow grease but can be done affordably and will make a huge difference.

Shutter shape-up

Give your shutters a shape up with a new coat of paint for a completely different look.  You can add contrast to your exterior, a pop of color or just make them brand new again. If you don’t have shutters, consider DIYing some from wood and attaching them to your home to beef up your windows – they can improve the aesthetic appearance of your home and the options are endless.


Give railings a makeover

Metal and wood railings are one of the few areas of your eye catches and your hand rests. They need to be in tip-top shape for safety reasons as well. Metal railings can be given a complete makeover with a wire brush and some metal paint. Wooden railings should be also kept in structural great shape. You can refinish wood railings or paint them.

porch light

Light up the night

Light fixtures make a huge impact on the exterior of your home both during the day and during the night. Not only do these exterior must-haves provide a huge impact on the looks of your house but installing security lights and leaving lights on are a common safety tactic. Old fixtures can be painted with spray paint formulated for metal – just remove them from the side of the house, tape off the glass portions and clean it well before applying your paint. If your house needs a full upgrade, lights can be easily purchased and installed. If you only need one, it should be roughly 1/3 the height of your front door. If you have spots for two fixtures, then they can be 1/4 the height of the front door.


Mailman’s delight

Perk up a sad mailbox with some plantings and a new coat of paint. We taped off ours and painted it to give it a new glossy black look. It was a welcome makeover that was perfect for kicking up our curb appeal a notch. Remember that new numbers can also help identify your home to the mail person and to friends coming to visit.

patio chair

Perk up the porch

Most outdoor seating usually gets a severe beating. Exposure to the elements can leave outdoor furniture looking worn and weathered. We have upgraded lots of our inexpensive furniture with the help of spray paint and new cushions. It’s a super simple DIY. Just pressure wash off all residue and flaking paint and then use a paint with a primer that is formulated for outdoors. Even plastic furniture can get a makeover with a little paint!


Build DIY planters

Planters can be one of the easiest DIY builds ever. You can build them big or small but they all improve the appearance of your potted plants. I like to use them to flank front doors and to take up visual space when an area looks empty. The DIY versions are affordable and take about one day on average to build! Talk about big bang for your buck!

In general, exterior DIYs are the ultimate homeowners recipe to improved curb appeal.  Since majority of improvements are done with limited skills and low cost materials such as spray paint, you can save some of that extra cash for other fun improvements for the inside of your home….like that big screen tv you always wanted. So strap on the gardening gloves and break out the spray paint, you are about to become the envy of the neighborhood when you tackle these outdoor improvements.

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