Falling for pattern

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Romantic floral prints, bold chevrons, hazy ikat pieces and colorful geometrics can all be found in today’s interiors. From your favorite throw pillow to cool wallpaper, pattern is one of your best tools for creating the interiors of your dreams. Just a few of your favorite accessories are all you need to create a mix of global patterns in your home. We’ll show you our favorite ways to bring global patterns home and how to master the mix of today’s hottest pattern trends to give your interior a high-end look.


Florals are the newest comeback story in 21st century home decor. Floral prints are everywhere, experiencing a surge of popularity in the world of wallpaper and soft furnishings. When bringing floral patterns home, dark and moody is the way to go. The organic shapes bring a sense of femininity and romanticism to a space, while in dark hues, floral patterns have depth, giving them a textural feel that you literally want to reach out and touch. From Asian-inspired chinoiserie patterns to imagery of leaves and plants, a floral print can make a room all on its own. Look for wallpaper or stencils in your favorite floral pattern to create a statement wall to live behind a sofa or bed for a dramatic touch.

Colorful Geometrics

Even in the most neutral of interiors, a good dose of geometric pattern is all it takes to create instant visual interest (though it’s even better when color is in the mix). From the runway to the home, oversized geometrics are making a splash in interior design. Cool diamond print motifs, off-the-wall stripes and rectangular prints are modern and fresh in a large scale. For even more impact, try these striking prints in today’s hottest color trends. From a bold red to a mix of emerald greens and yellows, geometric patterns are all you need to make a bold statement at home.


Ikat is one of the world’s oldest textile weaving techniques. With a centuries-old history, what’s amazing about this pattern is that it is a truly global textile. Ikat patterns developed independently within several cultures around the world, including South America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, India and West Africa. And for the past few years, ikat has been making quite a stir in modern interior design. Everything from bedding to walls are being covered in this hazy print due to its mesmerizing visual effect. For a big punch of this enchanting print, look at including it on the bed. An ikat duvet can be the ultimate statement piece in the bedroom. Pair it with a matching pillow, and you have a full-on pattern splash. Ikat also looks great on the wall. Wallpaper in an oversized ikat print is another great option for giving a room a modern feel.


Chevron patterns are as old as stripes, ranking among the first designs ever created by human beings. They can be found on the walls of Great Zimbabwe, and in dozens of other places around the world. Over the years, these stylish zigzags have made their way into every facet of design, from street signage to decorative objects. The great thing about chevron is that you don’t need to use it sparingly. This striking print can be even more fun when it’s all over a pillow, a chair, or woven throughout an entire room. But if you are feeling a bit more restrained, a chevron-covered cushion will do the trick just as well, while bringing an age-old global pattern home

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