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Because of the current fascination with Pinterest and an endless number of blogs dedicated to home design, it is almost impossible to decorate your home without comparing yourself to the trendy, impressive pictures you see on the internet. The best way to combat this seemingly daunting task is to forget the trends and focus on timeless décor that will always leave a beautiful impression. Here are several classic decorating ideas to keep in mind when designing your spaces:

French doors and big windows

Have you ever seen a pair of French doors and thought, “Ugh, that’s so outdated?” No, you haven’t. That’s because their classic lines and airy windowpanes create the perfect divide between rooms, as well as between entrances and exits and decks and patios, which create a sense of flow between spaces. Big windows bring in natural light that can add to this open and airy feel.

Clawfoot tub

There is something just so elegantly timeless about a clawfoot tub. Every home should truly have one, especially because this style of tub is also incredibly versatile. It obviously works perfectly in an older or more traditionally styled home, but even in the sleekest and modern of bathrooms, the clawfoot adds an element of texture and contrast that will make the entire space pop.

Mix old and new

Time-resistant looks tend to have an effortless feel. To achieve this, don’t assume you need to go out and buy everything from the same store. Shop thrift stores, shop trendy shops, shop your aunt’s basement, collect items that speak to you without concern for how they might impress others, but rather, how they appeal to your own sense of style. Mixing worn antiques with new pieces gives your home a personality that can’t be duplicated.


Brick has been a building material for centuries, which goes to show it’s not going out of style anytime soon. Whether you incorporate it as a backsplash, flooring, or as an accent wall, there’s something classic and rustic and modern about brick. Go with the classic red or a whitewashed version.

Mixed neutrals

Neutral colors like tans, white and grays add dimension to the room, especially when combined with textured fabrics. These neutral colors appeal to most people and offer a feeling of comfort and familiarity that transcends of-the-moment interior design. Having a base of warm neutrals also lets you play with smaller trendy accents that  you can change out whenever the mood strikes.

Oriental rugs

Much in the same vein as the clawfoot tub, an oriental rug is an old-school design choice that still works both a traditional and modern space. The color variations are endless, and having a grounding pattern on the floor will add depth and warmth to any size space. You can also layer them with more trendy rugs to keep the design looking fresh.


Whether it’s a bunch of plants in a grouping along a windowsill or a large statement plant, green is good! The plants themselves may have surges in popularity and availability (cough cough, fiddle leaf fig), but plants provide better air quality and add life to any room. In a room that doesn’t get a lot of light, you might still benefit from a cheerful, very realistic fake.

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