How to create the perfect green room with plants

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Plants play an important role in the design of our spaces. They add texture, diversify color palettes, and, most importantly, add life to a room.

Certain plants, like eucalyptus, have aromatherapy benefits. They contribute not only to the aesthetic of an interior, but to the health of people who live inside it. While we often look at plants being a finishing touch in a space, they can have a much larger impact on the way a room looks and ultimately makes us feel.

Here are just a few ways that a little more greenery can make homes picture-perfect and healthier spaces to live in.

Color contrasts

One of the easiest ways to put plants front and center in your home’s design is to make them central to the overall color scheme. This is especially true in color-blocked rooms where very similar shades are used to create a cumulative effect.

In this room, neutrals reign, creating a very warm space. Adding in large, sculptural plants breaks up the monotony of the color palette of browns and creams, bringing some greenery and life into the space.

Dining room with plants

Photo credit: Genevieve Garruppo

A plant for all reasons

When it comes to using plants to decorate, variety really is the spice of life. Going too safe with too many of the same plants with the same heights or the same colors can quickly get monotonous and spoil the effect. Because of that, it’s always important to have a clear idea of what you want the plants in your room to do.

If you need something dramatic to take up an empty space, go for a single large plant with a sculptural look. If you’re trying to accessorize another design element, make sure there’s a clear relationship between the plants you’re using and the thing you want to bring attention to. And if you’re going for a finishing touch, think about the colors you need to pull it all together.

This dining room is being very intentional in how it’s making use of greenery, putting each plant to a different use. The large planted palm is occupying all of the space to one side of the table, keeping the wall in that area from looking bare. Next to the bar cart, two additional plants help to make this home feel like a tropical paradise.

Dining room with brick wall and plants

Photo credit: Genevieve Garruppo

Small space, big plants

The more plants you add to a room, the bigger the design impact they’re going to have. Mixing up the size of your plants can help you weave them into a space, creating layers just as you would with different shades of color.

In spaces that are too small to allow for many other design features, a few large plants are all you need to make something magical happen.

This guest room makes the most of its small space by going big on plants. Large potted plants offer a bigger pop of color and have a strong sculptural presence that only compounds when they’re used together. The variety of large plants in this room and the mix of tall and wide options create interest at different heights and avoids becoming repetitious.

Finally, this room reminds us to always make sure that the elements in a space work together. The clever addition of leafy, floral wallpaper connects the dots to create a design concept that’s all about plant life.

White bed with greenery surrounding

Photo credit: Chinasa Cooper

Kitchen green room

The kitchen is the perfect place for plants, especially the ones we use for cooking. Kitchen gardens can put all of your favorite herbs at your fingertips in their freshest forms. But that’s not where the possibilities end. Plants can make an excellent design feature for the kitchen as well.

This simple, rustic set of shelves in this kitchen makes the jump to full-on design feature with the addition of a few strands of creeping vines. Cascading down from the pot rack, the layers of green create a whimsical effect that turns the entire vignette into something magical. It’s a perfect example of how using plants in unexpected places can create something special.

Kitchen herb garden on layered shelves

Photo credit: Genevieve Garruppo

Green on green

Great rooms are made up of unique moments. A small plant corner has been crafted in this home’s green room.

This vignette shows how even a few small plants, like cacti and succulents, can be grouped together to create an interesting still life. These plants are also a complement to the room’s overall design. They support the room’s major color story by bringing it to the eye with different shapes and textures.

As a wall color, green can be an excellent choice, though it can sometimes require some extra elements to make it really work. In this case, plants are useful statement pieces helping to weave the color story throughout the space.

Plants on green dresser

Photo credit: Chinasa Cooper

Pet-friendly minimalism

Finally, when it comes to filling your home with plants, we can’t forget the fact that some of us share our spaces with four-footed friends, some of whom don’t always have the best interactions with household greenery. If you’re a pet-lover and a plant-lover, as well as a design-lover, don’t despair; the three can exist together in harmony while giving you the rooms you’ve always dreamed of.

First, the internet is rife with lists of pet-safe house plants, so you can be sure that the greenery you choose to accent your spaces with won’t disagree with any furry housemates you might have.

After that, you might find that placement is the most effective means of keeping your plants and your pets apart. Large potted plants and plants on bookshelves and other areas not frequented by pets stand the best chance of avoiding their attention.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed, as padded feet can carry themselves just about anywhere they see something that catches their interest. So, definitely consult the list of pet-friendly plants before choosing them for your home.

Take a second to imagine this room without plants. So much of its character and style would go along with the greenery that really sets this place apart. In minimalist spaces like this one, a few plants can really make the difference. For pet safety, the large potted plant that acts as the room’s centerpiece and the small succulent near the television are both ideal for keeping away from curious and/or hungry pets.

And as for the gorgeous vines accenting the bookshelf? We can only imagine that the little guy on the couch either isn’t interested or has extraordinary self-control.

Dog on couch surrounded by plants

Photo credit: Genevieve Garruppo

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