Guest room 101

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One of the best ways to make guests feel welcome is to carve out a lovely space for them in your home. Thankfully, creating a tranquil visitor-ready room is much easier than you think. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, or happen to be settling into a new one yourself, just a few thoughtful details came make your visitors feel like they’re getting the royal treatment.

The Basics

You don’t need a room straight out of a magazine to make guests feel at home. If you get creative, you can pull together a totally inviting space quickly and easily. Obviously, the key to a good stay anywhere is an excellent night’s sleep. If there’s thing you should always invest in, it’s a comfortable bed. Always go with the biggest you can comfortably fit in your space. For a hotel bed look, add a platform bedframe and headboard. It’s classic, timeless and elevated.

To finish furnishing your guest room, there’s no need to invest in a bedroom set. In fact, avoid it at all costs. Instead, create a more collected, individual feel by repurposing other items to make a functional space. No matching bedside tables? No matter! A pouf, a stool or a decorative ladder are all you need to give your guests a spot for a glass of water, their phone or a book. Adding an occasional chair to the room gives guests somewhere to sit, or at least a place to drop their clothes at the end of the day.

Side table with ladder fixture next to bed

Down to the details

Now onto the details. A well-made bed can make a room feel extra special. While there are literally hundreds of different ways to make a bed, layers and texture take your bed to another level. To create a sophisticated look, tuck your sheets in nice and tight, layer a classic white linen duvet cover over the entire bed and then add a stack of contrasting pillows. Two bed pillows paired with shams and a couple of smaller decorative pillows elevate the look. A cozy throw laid out across the end of your bed offers even more texture and something for guests to curl up in if they get cold.

To give your room an extra homey feel, add some additional personal touches. A basket for extra throws, as well as fresh flowers, a lovely candle and a glass for water on the bedside table all help guests feel welcomed. It’s an extra special touch to offer your guests a supply of toiletries, such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, lotion and even shampoo and conditioner. This way your visitors don’t even have to ask to borrow something.

Finally, leave out some good reading material. It’s always nice to read a little something before bed and this way you guests don’t have to sit under the glow of their phones. That is not conducive to a good night’s sleep!

And there you have it. If you add just a few thoughtful details you can have the ultimate guest room. Warning: you may end up waiting to sleep in a room like this yourself.

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