10 questions to ask a home inspector

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A home inspection is the real estate equivalent of bringing a date home to meet your parents: It’s your opportunity to get a knowledgable assessment from someone you trust and whose opinion you value.

While it’s tempting to go with the inspector that your agent recommends, some inspectors are popular with agents because they enable more sales to go through. That’s why it’s smart to find and interview at least three who meet all of the following criteria:

Once you’ve found some professionals who meet those criteria, request some references. Ask those buyers the following two questions:

1. Did you discover any major defects at the close of escrow?

If the answer is yes, this inspector is not right for you. Just think: If the person listed as a reference had a problem, what else might the inspector be doing wrong?

2. Would you use this person again?

This probably won’t be the last time you buy a home. Consider this your opportunity to assemble a trusted team of experts to make sure that future sales and purchases go smoothly.

Then be sure to ask your home inspector candidates the following eight questions:

1. Can I tag along on the inspection?

It’s important that you’re able to attend the inspection. Not only will this enable you to point out any concerns and learn how things work around your new home, but it also will show that this pro is willing to be transparent.

2. How long will it take?

It should take a home inspector between three and four hours to work through an average-size home — less if they’re working with a team. Be wary of anyone who tells you it takes less than an hour.

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