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Every room in the home has its traditional centerpieces. The ones that see most of the traffic or take up the most space tend to command the majority of the attention. In the bedroom, for example, the bed is typically expected to be the centerpiece of the room. The same can be said for the dining table in a dining room. And in the living room, it’s the sofa. Of course it’s possible to design against type, putting the emphasis in other places like the art on the walls or the rug on the floor, but like all traditional centerpieces, the sofa sets the tone for its space, so what you do with it matters, especially when it comes to color. Often, and perhaps paradoxically, because of its importance, many designers tend to go neutral when selecting a sofa, making it part of the stable backdrop that they’ll use to show off other pops of color in a room through accents like pillows, paint or wallpaper. Like all conventions, there are a number of good reasons for doing things that way, and a number of good reasons for doing something different. Investing in color when selecting a sofa is a bold design choice, but when you get the right sofa it can easily make your entire room, transforming it from just another living space to your favorite place to be. Here are a few examples of how a colorful sofa can make all the difference.

Even in a colorful room, the right colors can stand out. In this room, all decked out in beautiful shades of blue, the citron-colored sofa easily commands the stage. The warm, deep yellow of this sofa is a welcome change from the cool blues and moody browns that make up the rest of the space. Like the other warm colors in the room, the sofa helps to ground the colorful space, but with a brighter tone that makes a statement all on its own.

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Blue sofas

From fashion to furnishings and back, blue is just about everyone’s favorite color—and it’s never hard to see why. Blue is always a great choice for a colorful sofa because of its versatility. It can be cool, energizing, or even a stable background for other pops of color. In this room, the blue of the sofa is livening up the white walls and wood floor. It’s pulling together the blue, white and brown color palette that is defining the room. At the same time, its pattern is contrasting the rug while complementing the pillows and drapes. Most of all, this sofa is doing exactly what a centerpiece should—it’s setting the tone for the entire room.

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Gold sofas

A soft gold or camel-colored sofa is perfect for creating a warm space with a natural, organic look and feel. In this space, the color of the sofa contrasts beautifully with the brick wall while continuing to be a warming presence in the space. At the same time, the contrast in textures between the rough brick and the softness of the sofa creates layers of visual as well as tactile interest. The gold sofa paired with oversized plants and a hemp rug, the combination of earth and natural tones gives the space a feeling that is comfortable and inviting.

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Gray sofas

Gray is a more subdued color, but it can play an important role for a sofa that’s working to ground a colorful space without dampening the mood. Here, the solid gray piece isn’t too light or too dark, letting it occupy a middle ground directly between the cool shades of the wall and the warm tones seen everywhere else in the room. And in a room with so much pattern, the solid color of the sofa gives the eye a place to rest, making it an instant focal point.

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Green sofas

Emerald green is an exceptionally bold choice for a sofa, particularly in a bedroom, where sofas are infrequently a part of the decor. This room is a great reminder that when going bold with color, you don’t go halfway. Paired with other bold hues—the yellow of the pillow and the pink rug—this sofa is a bright, colorful note in an already vibrant bedroom.

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Pink sofas

The neutral color of choice for the new millennium, pink is having a serious moment in home decor. Pale yet cheery, this pink sofa completely changes the personality of this room without losing its laid back, Parisian appeal. This shade of millennial pink adds a bright note in the room, and is commanding as the statement piece that makes this living area pop.

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Patterned sofas

Sometimes strong colors just aren’t enough. When that happens it’s time to bring in some serious pattern into the home as well. Global prints are one of the best ways to bring a well-traveled look to your space whether through pillows, poufs or other textiles. A sofa upholstered in patterned prints, like this wax print fabric from Nigeria, however, brings an entirely different level of style. Committing to pattern on a sofa at this scale is a beautiful way to set the tone in your favorite room, ensuring an engaging and unique space.

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