5 Ways to Warm Up for Fall

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Warming up with paint

Try as we might to hold on to summer, the long days are starting to shorten, the hot weather is beginning to chill, and all signs point towards fall. But a change in the seasons doesn’t mean that we have to lose all of the warmth and color that makes us love the summer months so much. In fact, there are plenty of ways to keep your home feeling cozy and comfortable all throughout the fall season.

One of the best ways to warm up your home is with through the thoughtful application of paint. We often overlook the transformative power just a few gallons of paint can have. But in fact, it can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to transform a space, taking only a few days to prep, paint, and let dry. This warm, mauve shade, is the perfect way to heat things up when the weather cools off. A neutral color, the reddish-brown hue is an excellent backdrop, giving the darker browns of the floor and furniture as well as the metallic pillow, a dramatic look. Best of all, it’s a classic fall color, evoking thoughts of pumpkins and turning leaves, all while providing a warmer look for any room.

Warm metallic accents

When it comes to warming a space, subtle metallic touches can go a long way. Warm finishes like gold and brass – as opposed to the cooler metal finishes of silver and steel – can add a beautiful glow to a space without overwhelming the other elements in the decor. These glowing metals can be brought in in a number of ways, from golden side tables, to metallic legs on a chair, and even some pretty beautiful lighting. These large Moroccan lanterns in this home’s entry are part of a layering of warm metals that keep everything else from feeling too cool. Above the lanterns, oversized metal Scrabble pieces help warm things up even more.

Cozy pillows and textiles

Pillows and textiles are already pretty high on the list of things we think of when fall comes around. They come to mind, however, more for the physical warmth they provide, than the visual impact they have. Fortunately these versatile home decor items can pull double duty to brighten your room and keep you warm and comfy at the same time. In this room, the lumbar pillow is all that’s needed to give this bed a lively look. Handwoven in Mexico with sheep’s wool, the blend of reds, yellows, whites and purples in this one piece offers all the warmth and personality the bedroom needs to be ready for fall.

Hold on to the green

Fall is the the time of year when we start to lose all of the green we received earlier in the year at the onset of spring. Now, with summer moving closer to its end, that green starts to fade from the world outside, but it doesn’t have to inside. Plants are a wonderful addition to a home at any time of the year. But they take on a greater significance in those months where there’s less life to be found on the trees. Even without blooming flowers, the lush green leaves of houseplants can provide a useful pop of vibrant color at the same time that the leaves begin to brown and drop off of the trees outside. A healthy collection of plants can be the perfect way to keep your space feeling lively even during the cooler months of the year.

Layering effect

When using color and texture to warm up your space, try to look beyond the individual piece to see the impact that each piece has on the entire room. Even more important is the effect that they have together. The warmth in this room isn’t coming from any one element, but from layers of color, texture, and even pattern. The jute rug on the floor sets the tone with it’s color, rough, rope-like texture and circular patterns. From there, the varying shades of wood tones in the dining chairs, and bench add to collection of warm tones. The golden pillow and art on the wall also offers a metallic pop that adds warmth. Finally a row of plants on the dining table breathes a bit of green life into the space. This room brings everything together just in time for fall.



Photo credit: Patrick Cline

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