How to maximize space in a closet

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A giant walk-in closet with ample shelf and hanging space seems to be on everyone’s wish list these days, but for many of us that dream may never come to fruition. Most of us have small closets that are crammed full of clothes and other miscellaneous things, and often times they’re also lacking basic organization.

Small closets mean you have to use your space wisely, so here are some tips on how to maximize your usable space:

Opt for felt hangers

Sure, wooden hangers look pretty, but they take up a lot of space. If you want to fit more clothes in your closet, consider switching to space-saving felt hangers. Their slim profile is about half the size of wooden hangers, and they’re also non-slip, which means less clothes on the floor.

Look above and below

Have you ever browsed the closet aisle of a big box store? There are countless options available to help you find extra space in your small closet. I recently purchased open-front wire hanging baskets to hang under the shelves in our coat closet and it has added some valuable storage space I never knew we had. Likewise, there are also stacking shelves with interlocking legs which allow you to smartly utilize the space above your closet shelves.

Add hanging shelves

Need a place to stash odds and ends? Hanging shelves are a great way to add drawer space without adding another piece of furniture. Purchase baskets or bins to place in the hanging shelves and your space will immediately look tidier than before. We use hanging shelves in the closet of my son’s toddler room and it’s a great way to organize diapers, wipes, toddler bedding, and shoes he hasn’t grown into yet.

Shoe racks

Nothing drives me crazier than a pile of shoes … something that happens all too easily. With over-the-door shoe racks, you’re able to utilize previously unused space while also combatting a common closet woe. Shoe racks are also great because you’re able to see the shoes you own rather than having your least-worn shoes buried under a pile. Take note of which shoes you haven’t worn in a long time and donate them if they’re just taking up space.

Rotate your closet

Do you rotate your closet seasonally? It creates a bit of work twice a year but can be a game changer if you’re short on closet space. Packing away all of your coats, boots, and cold weather items once spring rolls around leaves room for you to actually see the warm weather clothes you have in your closet. Place out-of-season clothes in plastic storage bins or in vacuum-pack bags.

Closets have a tendency to get messy if you aren’t diligent about keeping things organized, and when you have a small closet, tidiness is all the more important. By changing habits and by incorporating storage solutions that you’ll stick with, it’s easy to create a functional closet that works for you. It takes some effort, but it’s amazing how small changes in a small closet can make such a big difference!

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