How to remodel your kitchen on any budget

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Many of us have a kitchen wishlist and a dream design in mind, but not the means to bring it all to life right now. On the flip side, those with an adequate budget might not know where or how to begin the remodeling process. Whether you have a mere $100 to spend or a full-blown budget of $10,000, use these eight tips to add some spice to your kitchen.

Play with paint

Pick up a bucket of your favorite color from the local hardware store and choose a surface to start painting. The walls are generally the first canvas to tackle, but you can also paint your ceiling, cabinets or floors. The visual contrast generated from your new color selection will invigorate this space. You can go for a lively vibe with yellows and reds or keep it calm with pale blues, grays and greens. Also, consider covering a strip of wall with chalkboard paint for a fun writing surface and a creative way to keep track of your grocery list.

Decorate the walls

Art is a fantastic way to bring personality and life into a bleak kitchen, and it’s an especially great option for renters since artwork is a temporary update that won’t damage the walls. Choose from an eye-catching abstract art print, a peaceful landscape, family portraits or vibrant photos of your favorite foods. If you have a few fancy china plates in your collection, hang them up for a vintage vignette.

Add shelving storage

There’s a hot debate surrounding the use of open shelving in kitchens. If neglected, they can become cluttered and make the kitchen look a bit busy. However, open shelves do have a few undeniable benefits and are relatively cheap to install. Unlike traditional upper cabinets, shelves add a sense of openness and visually free up the walls while allowing you to put your favorite dishware, wines and spices on display. Shelves are commonly made from ever-versatile metal or wood to complement any kitchen design beautifully.

Upgrade your accessories

Revamping a few non-essentials in the kitchen can bring some much-needed warmth and unexpected character to the room. Lay a dark and durable runner rug underfoot for visual interest and a sense of cozy amidst the hard features of a typical kitchen. Pick a darker color to hide food stains and hardy wool for easy cleanup. Add a few tabletop accessories too, such as statement bowls to hold fruits, rustic wooden cutting boards for texture and decorative vases for colorful and fragrant blooms. Lastly, take a cue from today’s trends and adopt a few farmhouse favorites, like a metal pot rack overhead or an aged rustic counter stool.

Replace old hardware and fixtures

Although these items take up very little space, they can make a world of difference in boosting the overall look of your kitchen. Gold, brass and silver cabinet and drawer pulls are always in style. Choose ones with the highest contrast against your cabinet color if you’re going for a bold look. Since they come as cheap as $2 a piece, you can probably afford to loop in another mini makeover for your fixtures, like faucets or lighting. Pendants and sconces come in many affordable options nowadays and can easily be found at a price point to match your budget.

Marvel in mosaics

Tile comes in a wide range of prices and styles, and if done in the right way, can add a high-end effect without breaking the bank. Subway tile is a timeless classic and affordable enough to dedicate most of your backsplash to. Then, add a standout feature with a box or strip of stunning mosaic above the sink or stovetop. Not only is this approach budget-friendly, it creates a spotlight effect by highlighting certain areas of the kitchen.

Change the cabinets or countertops

For those with a bigger budget, changing even one of these two aspects of any kitchen will make a drastic impact. Cabinets and countertops are often paired together to create one cohesive look and are imperative to the day-to-day functionality of this room. Jewel and metallic tone cabinets are expected to go big this year while white Carrara marble and live-edge wood are gorgeous countertop choices. Soapstone and concrete are also great alternatives that are more durable and timeless.

Swap your appliances

One of the biggest changes you can make in your kitchen is replacing dated appliances, from the fridge and dishwasher to the stovetop and range hood. There are plenty of trendy designs and finishes you can try, such as a stunning black refrigerator or a concealed range hood. To keep installation costs low, choose a new appliance with the same dimensions as your old one.

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