5 tips for a colorful spring refresh

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The last vestiges of winter are beginning to fade. The days are growing noticeably longer and hints of spring are already beginning to color in the world around us. For anyone with a love for home decor, these signs can only point to one thing: a spring decor refresh is just around the corner.

A spring refresh is similar to spring cleaning but takes things one important step further. With a refresh, it’s not just a matter of removing clutter and doing away with old things—it’s removing the old look of a home in favor of something new. Just like spring brings new life to nature, a refresh lets us see our homes in dramatic new ways but without requiring us to do anything as drastic as knocking down a wall or replacing all of the furniture.

In fact, there are a few very simple, surefire ways to make sure that any spring refresh is a complete success. What makes them so simple is that all of them can be boiled down to a single word: color. Used wisely, color can do just about anything in a room. And by putting the right pops of color in the right places, you can change the way you see your home in no time at all. So to help get the ball rolling, here are five easy ways to bring a colorful refresh to your home, just in time for spring.

bedroom with colorful nature printed beddingPhoto Credit: Seth Caplan (seth-caplan.com)

Put on a new coat of paint

Color is one of the main things that determines the feeling and energy of a room. So the bigger the splash of a single color, the more influence it has in a space. That means that the color you choose for your walls is one of the most important parts of making sure that the room you’re designing will feel the way you want it to feel. Whether you’re looking for soothing neutrals like white, black or gray, warm earth tones or even something a bit more energetic like Pantone’s color of choice for 2018, Ultra Violet, a new coat of paint is always a great first step to giving any room a facelift for spring. In this room, several vibrant shades from the Brooklyn In Color (themine.com/collections/colorhouse-aphrochic_c160395.html) collection come out to play with a bold banana leaf credenza, giving the space a look that welcomes warmer weather to come.

greige color blocking on wallsPhoto Credit Colorhouse Paint (colorhousepaint.com)

Incorporate vibrant textiles

When it comes to changing up the look of a room, there are few approaches as simple and effective as changing your textiles. Shams, throw blankets, and accent pillows are all excellent accessories for three main reasons: they can add a dramatic pop of color, they’re inexpensive compared to buying larger pieces of furniture, and they’re easy to switch out in an instant, giving you multiple options for colors and patterns to play with in any space. For instance, this bedroom comes alive with the mix of bright and colorful shams from John Robshaw (johnrobshaw.com). Pieces hand-dyed in India in vibrant shades of coral, pink and purple become eye-catching detail that adds loads of personality to this modern bedroom.

orange and purple patterned pillows

Photo Credit: Jess Isaac (jessisaac.com)

Try a colorful sofa

For a really dramatic change of pace that’s somewhere in between painting the walls and changing up your pillowscape, one large-scale piece can be all the refresh your home needs for spring. Adding a large design element, like a new sofa, can be an unexpected way to bring color home. Sofas now come in every color under the sun, from bold yellow to deep purple. This lilac pink sofa in soft velvet transforms this entire living area. Against the neutral, white walls and warm, wood floor of this room, the pastel sofa is easily the star of the show. The soft pop of color adds a whole new level of charisma to this charmingly minimalist space.

lavender sofa

Photo Credit: Patrick Cline (patrickclinephotography.com)

Add a touch of green

Spring is the time of year when green starts to come back into the outside world. So it only makes sense that we would want to bring a bit of that color inside as well. Plants are always a helpful part of any home decor, with lots of aromatherapy benefits to accompany the bright colors that they bring through their foliage. Greenery can be brought in a number of different ways. Minimalist flower arrangements, potted plants, and even planting your very own herb garden can be a great way to bring the outside in during the season. To find greenery that’s perfect for your home, visit a local garden supplier, or shop for plants online at The Sill (thesill.com).


white planters mounted on brick wall

Photo Credit: Patrick Cline (patrickclinephotography.com)

Hang a little color on your walls

This spring, think of your walls as a clean canvas. One of the best ways to put that canvas to work is by installing a colorful display that reflects the season. Whether you love paintings, photography, or even hanging baskets, choose pieces that add that perfect pop of color to empty walls. In this bathroom a vibrant wall display has been created with baskets handmade in Rwanda. Colorful baskets like these can be found at Indego Africa (indegoafrica.org). The basket installation and text art in this bathroom provides a charming dose of personality in bright hues of pink and blue.

colorful bowls hung on white wall

Photo Credit: Patrick Cline (patrickclinephotography.com)

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