Paint in style: Trends for summer 2018

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Everything we bring into our homes gives us a chance to make a statement with color. In homes that are both large and small, the right color choice can make a big difference. Like so many things, we often take our cues for color from the world around us, which is why it’s always so special when the seasons change, sweeping new color into the world and inviting us to do the same with our homes.

color blocked paint on wall

While every season has its own color palette for us to enjoy, summer definitely stands above the rest in terms of the sheer variety of shades and tones that we can choose from. Here is what summer 2018 is sure to bring in terms of new trends for interior paint.

pain can lids

Peach blush

Plants and flowers are always a natural source of inspiration during this season. This year it’s time to dig a bit deeper to find unique and interesting paint colors to give our spaces a whole new sense of personality. Blush-y peach shades inspired by peach spray roses – miniature roses that come with several blooms on each stem – will do just the trick.

paint can lid with pale pink roses

The result is a warm, inviting tone that skirts the line between bolder tones like orange and yellow, yet remains subtle enough to provide a calm, neutral backdrop. Paired with floral shades like the plum tree leaves that accent the bouquet pictured here, or light wood tones, the color takes on a playful note that is just perfect for spaces like bedrooms and nurseries.

flower arrangement on side table

Hydrangea blue

Hydrangeas are easily among the most beautiful flowers the spring has to offer and blue is the world’s favorite color. So a paint color inspired by the amazing blue of hydrangea blooms is sure to be an eye-catcher. The blooms in this bouquet range from nearly white to deep blue.

blue hydrangeas

Pastel blue shades of periwinkle add cool note of sophistication to any room. Warm, natural shades like green and pink partner well with this color. Alternatively, this light shade will provide a perfect backdrop for a room that brings together the many shades of blue in a beautifully layered, color-blocked look.

blue hydrangeas on table

Dogwood green

In 2018 interiors we’re expanding our concept of neutral colors beyond the typical whites and beiges to include exciting new shades like pink, blue and even green. Drawing on the muted tones of dogwood tree blossoms, this shade of green is ideal for rooms that want to evoke the warm feel of the world in summer. It can be mixed locally at your hardware store.

This muted green offers an earthly, colorful feel that adds depth and feeling to a room while still offering opportunities for a varied and interesting color palette. Green is a surprisingly versatile color that can work in almost any space. It pairs equally well with traditional neutrals as with bolder tones like chocolate brown.

Citron yellow

Yellow is another color that is finding new life in contemporary interiors. While not quite a neutral, yellow walls are becoming a popular statement, especially in citron – a sunny, smile-inducing shade.

Inspired by the bright blossoms of the Hyacinth, this colorful yellow has a hint of green that gives it an extra note of depth. Perfect for rooms with lots of natural light and white accents, this beautiful yellow brings the fresh feeling of spring indoors.

All photos credit of Colorhouse

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