The 5 star host: How to get your rating up

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Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones. You simply put your place up for short-term rental on Airbnb or other sites and the five-star ratings just happen on their own! And why wouldn’t it be that easy? Your home or apartment is in a prime location, it’s clean and tidy, it’s well-decorated, it has all the amenities anyone could want, thoughtful touches, and maybe even small gifts for guests. And of course, it has a host that’s charming and attentive!

But what if it doesn’t have all those things? (Charming attentive host still assumed of course.)

What if your space is lacking a prime location, the proper space, or the ideal amenities? No problem. You can still get your ratings up in order to pull in even more bookings and more great ratings. Soon, you’ll have your guests leaving you gifts instead of the other way around.

Be honest

Bad ratings come from unmet expectations. If you’re forthright and transparent about your listing, people will adjust their expectations accordingly. As long as you meet, and ideally exceed, expectations it doesn’t matter if your rental is a palace or a hut, you can still get a great rating. You might be in a less-than-desirable location, or maybe your place is tiny, or perhaps your town always smells like the dog food factory down the road. Be honest about the negatives, highlight the positives, and have your price reflect it, too. People are always looking for value! Many guests will happily deal with small inconveniences if it saves them money—as long as they know what to expect going in.

Consistency and commitment

To get a five-star rating you need to provide a consistently fantastic experience. Your place is clean and tidy. It matches how you advertised it. You never or rarely cancel on a guest. You respond quickly to inquiries. You rent your place frequently, increasing your positive reviews.

Superhost superstar

Once you start getting more and more positive reviews, you’ll get more and more bookings, and more and more positive reviews! It’s a giant snowball effect that takes on a life of its own, you just have to get it rolling. Even better, sites like Airbnb provide extra perks and bonuses for their hosts that reach the “Superhost” level, based on a set of very achievable criteria.

Just remember, your place doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be perfect for someone. With a few of these tricks you’ll reach all-star status in no time.




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