Top 9 resources for homeshare hosts

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There’s so much content out there now about homesharing (AKA short-term rentals). On the one hand, it’s great to have so many resources, on the other hand, it can be overwhelming. So we did some legwork for you and collected our favorite sites and sources to help you get the most out of your rental.

1. Meetups

Search your local community for Meetup groups. These are full of information on everything from policy issues and regulations that affect homesharing, to resources and support services for hosts. Plus you get that personal, social interaction that makes you feel like you’re not in this alone! Visit to find one in your area.


This is Airbnb’s platform to connect their hosts with one another. However, you don’t really have to use Airbnb to benefit from the wealth of information exchanged on this site. Find advice on cleaning your rental, decorating it, offering extras, etc., as well as see and share stories about guests (good and bad) to learn from other people’s mistakes (so you hopefully don’t repeat them).

3. The hosting journey

Evelyn is a professional homeshare host if there ever was one. She says she grosses over six figures annually with just two listings, so, I don’t know, couldn’t hurt to see what she says, right? Visit and read about mistakes to avoid as new a host, as well as learn how to make money, beat the competition, and market to guests. A lot of her teachings are offered as classes you pay for, but again, seems like it’s totally worth it in the long run.

4. Podcasts

Lots of these out there. Evelyn even has one (The Hosting Journey). A few more worth checking out for general industry news and trends include Heather Bayer’s Vacation Rental Success, Get Paid for Your Pad, Property Podcast, Unlocked (AKA The VRMB Podcast) and Shampoo and Booze. (That last one may not be any good but the name sure is!)

5. Facebook groups

These are like Meetups but you don’t actually have to meet up. Find other local hosts to swap stories and share information, invite guest “speakers” to give tips or link to their blogs (i.e. learn about homesharing rules in your community, insurance, taxes, etc.), and post your own questions to have the community answer. If you don’t have a Facebook group in your area (just search in Facebook to see), then start one yourself! Surely there are a whole bunch of folks out there like you who would like to connect (virtually, not face-to-face, of course, that’s for extroverts).

6. Airbnb citizen

Yes, another one from Airbnb. They’re great at supporting their hosts (as are many of the other platforms). Airbnb Citizen supports local groups to come together to advocate for fair homesharing laws in their community. With 100 clubs so far, Airbnb Citizen is a growing network of hosts, guests, small business owners, and local community leaders demonstrating how homesharing can benefit communities. Check it out here.

7. Hostfully

Hostfully is specifically focused around hospitality solutions for short-term rental hosts. They have products to help you better manage your property, make more money, and have fun. Their digital solutions help you do things like make a guidebook for guests, market your place, and create a great experience, with the overall goal of scaling your vacation rental business.

8.Short term rental advocacy center

The STRAC was organized by Airbnb, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, and Flipkey. The group works towards, “promoting best practices in short-term rental regulation,” and is a great source for information on getting to know the issues, becoming an advocate, and connecting with other advocates.

9 Guestbook

Similar to Hostfully but a bit more comprehensive for the “bigger business” property-manager type. Guestbook is “the only hospitality enablement platform on the market that empowers hosts to better manage their properties and reservations, supports turnover and maintenance operations, and provides guests and travelers with a world-class experience every time, in a fully integrated solution.”


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