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When potential guests are searching online for a place to rent, there are lots of ways to make sure your place grabs their attention. Everything from a descriptive listing to a competitive price and really great photos help fingers click the “book now” button. (For more tips check out Airbnb’s list here.)

But what about once your guests arrive? How do you make sure they have one of the best experiences of their lives? (And give you great ratings of course.) You want them to feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. Here are some special touches that rank high on the “easy-to-pull-off” scale, yet they’ll go a long way in making your guests feel at home in your home sweet home.

Create an experience

Set the scene. Create a stage. Invent an environment. Appeal to a niche. Your home is familiar to you but it could be a magical mysterious foreign castle to someone else! Highlight what makes your place unique and build on that experience. Do you have a passion for music? Bring that into your interior design and listing description and appeal to other music aficionados. Are you near a train station? Highlight local lore and transportation, history buffs will love it. Every rental has it’s strengths, you just need to find yours and play it up!

Be responsive

The best hosts are always attentive without crowding in on a guest’s privacy. Check in with them upon arrival and let them know you’re available if they need anything. Then leave them alone! If a guest does have a question, concern or complaint, respond as quickly as possible. Your goal is to make your guests feel welcome, safe, and totally at ease which comes from that balance of being responsive, but not ever-present.

Special attention

Let’s say you’re not in a great location or there’s a lot of competition. How do you make sure you get the booking and the great review? Add some secret touches that bring surprise and comfort to your guests to make their experience memorable. Maybe you spend a little extra money on aeromic soaps and lotions that soothe and relax. How about a basket of local goodies? Coffee, candies, crafts … a welcome basket with local flair is guaranteed to be well-received. Any little “extras” you can do will make your place feel homey and special.

Personalize your hospitality

Try a personalized “welcome” for each guest. This could mean a chalkboard with their name and welcome message, a note that mentions activities you think they would enjoy, or a hotel-like chocolate on their pillow with a personal “good night” card. If you know they’re traveling with children, they like a certain type of food, or you know they flew in on the red-eye, take it all into consideration and see if you can meet their specific needs. Nothing makes a guest feel more like family!

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