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Let’s just dive right into the details, shall we? Because really who doesn’t love obsessing about the minutiae of making your short-term rental super awesome? There are two key areas in your home that can make or break your guests’ stay: the bedrooms and the bathrooms. Okay, the kitchen, too, but we’ll get to that on another day. For today, let’s cover the best products to buy to create a comfy, relaxing oasis in your bedrooms and bathrooms. (And don’t worry, we kept in mind that this is for your rental so we looked for the most bang-for-your-buck, not the most expensive, and items that can work in any climate.)

Best bets for the bedroom


Hands down a super comfy memory foam mattress is the best bet for beds. Many even come conveniently compressed, rolled, and shipped right to your door.


We recommend springing for a brand commonly used in the hospitality industry. They are packed with features like faster drying and stain-blocking technology. They also feel good, and are not too rough or slippery. These tend to be pricier, but the price is worth it because it saves you time and labor.


Get a mix of firm and soft, so guests can choose their preference. We also recommend purchasing pillows with synthetic fill for those with allergies. Don’t forget pillow protectors, which can help extend the life of your pillows a couple of years.

Blankets and comforters

We recommend providing both a lightweight, cotton blanket, plus a heavier down-alternative comforter with a washable cover, so everyone stays cozy and comfortable.

Best bets for the bathroom


When buying towels, an oversized, soft, absorbent, resort-style one is nice. With many options, you can offer guests a touch of luxury at a reasonable price.


Choose a model known for durability so you can avoid repairs and replacements. Some models also offer a hotel-like “spa” feeling with 50 full-coverage sprays and eight center massage jets. But if you want to save money on the water bill, look for one that is classified as low flow.

Shower curtain

Invest in a good liner, and add any decorative curtain to it. Look for a liner that is mildew resistant, washable, and PVC-free—so it doesn’t smell like cheap plastic or anything else for that matter.

Toilet paper

This is important, people! You don’t want too thin, too rough, or, worst of all, toilet-clogging. You also don’t want a roll that is too small and requires guests to constantly replace it.

When outfitting your short-term rental remember the little details matter. The above list is a good starting point, but you will also want to think about what other items might make a guests stay even more comfortable

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