How to hang wall art in an apartment

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Wall decor can add a touch of your personality and style to any room in your home. When renting an apartment, it can be daunting to devise a way to hang decorations without damaging walls. According to Little Upgrades, you can generally put small holes in your apartment walls, if you fix the holes before you move out. If you don’t repair the holes, you may lose some or all of your security deposit.

Here are some tips for renter-friendly ways to hang things in an apartment.

What does your lease say about hanging things in your apartment?

Before you get started hanging art in your apartment, review your lease to understand your landlord’s rules regarding wall decor. If your lease allows you to hang art, ensure you follow the rules to avoid penalties when moving out.

Learn more about how to get your security deposit back when renting and what questions to ask when renting an apartment.

How to hang pictures without damaging walls

You have a few options for hanging pictures on apartment walls without damaging the walls.

Adhesive strips

Command Strips are double-sided adhesive strips that you can use to hang decorations and wall art without damaging your walls. The adhesive holds the item securely, and when you are ready to move out, they come away from the wall easily.

Adhesive hooks

You can find plastic or metal hooks with an adhesive backing that you can use to hang wall art and other decorative items on your wall without causing damage to the wall.

Hook and loop strips

Velcro and other hook-and-loop tape brands have a double-sided adhesive backing. You stick the hook side to the piece you want to hang and the loop side to the wall. You can also remove these strips without damage to the walls when you move out of your apartment.

Removable hooks

Picture hanging hooks, monkey hooks, and OOK hooks have a clever design that can hold a framed picture of up to 50 pounds in some cases. Removable hooks are a good option when you’re wondering how to hang heavy pictures in an apartment. These hooks require a small hole that you can quickly repair, so you will only use this option if your lease allows it.

Other considerations for hanging pictures in an apartment without nails

Before you purchase any of these items, consider the weight capacity of the product. Adhesive hooks are most appropriate for lighter pieces of wall art. Follow the installation instructions carefully for the best results.

Other options for displaying decorative items without causing damage to walls is to stand them upright in a display cabinet or rest a framed painting or photograph against the wall on top of a bookshelf.

Is my wall art covered by insurance?

Personal property coverage on your renters insurance policy may cover artwork and collectibles, up to your policy’s limit. If you have valuable pieces of art, or decorative items to protect, you often need to schedule those items separately (also known as “adding a rider” to your policy) to be covered for the item’s full value. Learn more about what renters insurance covers.

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