How to win at seating

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Seating is one of those things that every home needs and that every homeowner will have to think about when decorating their space. Doing it effectively requires taking a number of different considerations into account. These include the size of the space and the number of people you’ll need to accommodate, to say nothing of color, material and style. From the latter perspective, the type of seating that you choose can dictate the style, era and feel of your space. From the former, seating can determine how comfortable your rooms are for you and your family, how many people you can entertain and how much room you have for doing things other than sitting. In short, making the right seating decisions can get a little tricky as you try to balance all of these concerns. But don’t worry. Getting it all right can be easier than you think, and we’re going to show you how. Here’s how to win at seating in 6 easy steps.

1. Have a lot of it

The first way to win at seating is to have a lot of it, or at least as much as your space will allow. The key here is to offer a variety of seating options without overwhelming the space. Think about how you like to entertain and ensure that you have a enough seating for guests and family members. Even a small number of pieces can offer comfort to a fairly sizable group. In this living room, three or four amazing pieces have the ability to seat eight or nine people. A side chair, an upholstered bench and an oversized sofa are the pieces that make this living room work.

2. Make a color statement

Another good approach to take to seating is to make it work within the color scheme of your room. In many homes larger pieces of furniture are often featured in a neutral palette, where pillows and other textiles are used to add a strong dose of color. While this is an effective way to decorate with seating, it’s far from the only one. In fact, colorful seating, especially a central piece like a sofa, can become a striking statement piece that will act as the focal point of a room. This red velvet sofa certainly stands out as the defining element in this room. Combined with a soft blue wall color and calm neutrals that break up the stronger tones, the room has a bright, modern and coherent look.

3. Accessorize with pillows

Pillows are one of the best home accessories. They’re small, extremely versatile and easy to change. They are the perfect accompaniment to any seating scheme, with the ability to have a big impact by bringing in strong doses of of color and pattern. Here a cream sofa provides an ideal neutral backdrop for a group of pillows offering a blend of colors, patterns and textures. Even though the sofa is in a neutral shade, this seating becomes the center of attention with a healthy dose of pillows.

4. Use upholstery for a brand new look

If you have some pieces of furniture that you truly love but which are more than a few years past their prime, a simple reupholstering might be all you need. New upholstery is a perfect way breathe new life into old seating and it can make all the difference in the rest of your room as well. Many times a less expensive alternative to buying new furniture, reupholstering your furniture can be a great way to get a whole new look. In this living room, dated side chairs were reupholstered in blue velvet to create and updated feel for the space.

5. Pet-friendly materials

Investing in pet-friendly material like vegan leather, cotton canvas or hardwearing denim can go a long way to keeping your seating looking good for a long time to come. Leather sofas like the one shown here won’t attract or trap pet hairs. A vegan leather option is also easy to wipe and replace if your pet does scratch or damage the material. A hardwearing, nubby cotton can be great for easy cleaning, even when pets have accidents.

6. Look for poufs, ottomans and stools

Thin beyond love seats, sofas and side chairs when looking at seating options. When space is at a premium and you still have a few more people to accommodate, look to smaller options like poufs, ottomans and stools. Pieces like these can be great transitional items that can move from room to room, and from the indoors to out when you’re looking to accommodate more people.

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