Ideas for an attic space

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How to turn an unused attic space into a smart home investment

Most attic spaces serve to trap heat and items you’re not ready to part with just yet. But transforming this space could mean big bucks by way of your home’s value.

With these attic bedroom ideas, you can turn an underutilized space into something truly great … and great for your wallet.

Attic ideas

Whether it’s a large spacious room or a small attic bedroom with sloping ceilings, taking the time to renovate this part of your home not only gives you more usable space in your home, but it can also increase your home’s value. But make no mistake: this doesn’t mean you have to add another bedroom. There are plenty of attic room ideas that don’t always come with houseguests.

Here are five attic space ideas:

  • Playroom—Sick of action figures and dress-up clothes strewn all over the house? Delegating a play area on an entirely different floor can make it more difficult for a Spiderman toy to appear in the couch cushions the next time you want to relax … not to mention leave you with a tidier living room.
  • Home office—Millions of Americans got very familiar with working from the kitchen table not too long ago … and some people may never return to the office again. Ensure you have a clutter-free and quiet place to get work done by converting the top floor of your home into your own corner office.
  • Exercise studio—It’s not always easy getting in a quick workout while other people are in the house. With just a few tweaks, you can turn your attic into a place to find some Zen with yoga or get your blood pumping with circuit training.
  • TV and movie area—Finding something the whole family wants to watch on TV can be a challenge. One attic design idea is to transform this space into an additional TV or movie lounge and put that extra streaming account to good use.
  • Spare bedroom—A small attic bedroom with sloping ceilings is charming in its own right. But add a few luxurious touches, like a small refrigerator, a TV, and a private entrance, and you can elevate this space into not just a guest suite, but a room with some side-income potential as a rental!

DIY … or just pay someone?

When it comes to home renovations, you really need to decide what works for you and your family. Large renovations in frequently used areas of the home usually require a contractor—especially when there’s a lot of electrical and plumbing involved. Aside from being dangerous, DIYing kitchen or bathroom renovation can lead to an important space that your family relies on to be out of commission for several weeks. Hiring a contractor will help keep the project on schedule as well as get some extra hands on deck to speed things up.

But when it comes to an attic remodel, DIY may be the way to go. Because attics are typically out of the way, you can create a project timeline that fits the needs of your family and also works around your schedule. You may even develop a new skill—while DIYing an attic can include some pretty easy home renovation items such as painting and swapping out light fixtures, some attic bedroom ideas may require some drywall and insulation to get you there. Learning from trusted resources along the way can help you save time while also giving you a deeper sense of pride about your renovation.

The bottom line

Upgrading your home—whether it’s to freshen up an outdated space or to increase your home’s value ahead of a move—requires a bit of work. Make sure you have the necessary resources before you get started so that your attic room ideas can come to life in no time.

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