Millennial pink

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Pink is just one of those colors. It can take a room by storm with bright pops and eye-catching tones. It can also fade so far into the background that it makes a wonderful backdrop for other colors, bold and neutral alike to create a wonderful interplay of tones. Like every color trend, pink has had its highs and lows, going in and out of style from time to time. But right now pink is on the rise and it’s showing no sign of slowing down. In fact, the ideas around how to use this color in design and fashion have changed so much that it’s become the color of a new generation. And with this new status has come a new title, “Millennial Pink.”

Millennial Pink is not so much a specific color as it is an attitude towards pink and a greater willingness to expand its role in spacial color stories more than ever before. The actual color can be taken from any range of pink shades since, as the name perhaps implies, much like the generation it represents, Millennial Pink is defined by its unwillingness to have its options limited. And while that might make it a little tough to walk into a hardware store and ask for a gallon of Millennial Pink, the sky’s the limit when it comes to using this color in daring, innovative and unexpected ways around the home.

Pink seating

Now is the time to embrace colorful seating in the home and there’s no better or more trend-savvy color to start with than pink. Often people shy away from colorful furniture in general, and pink specifically, for the same reason: a fear that the trend will pass and what was originally a fashion-forward choice will quickly come to look dated and dare we say, tacky. But adding colorful furnishings to a space has become a staple of 21st century design, especially in unexpected ways. In this space, a pale, pink, side chair matches perfectly with its gray companion. The mix of styles and colors creates a room with a look that’s modern, yet colorful and alive.

Pink on pink

Embracing new ways to bring pink home can be a fun exercise. Hue is a great way to add layer into a room to make a colorful statement. From blushing pinks, to rich fuchsia and deep magenta, the smile-inducing shade can make a statement in any room. In this living area, bold hot pink makes an appearance in the floral rug, the chevron wallpaper and many of the books on the bookshelf. The layered pink color story keeps the space feeling warm and vibrant.

Pink art

Art is another fantastic way that you can bring Millennial Pink home. Art has always been one of the most direct opportunities to make a statement in a space. And large pieces like this one can be used to define an entire room’s color story. The canvas filled to the brim with eye-catching pink hues makes quite a statement in an entryway. And when married with other bright tones, like teal and turquoise, shades of pink stand out.

Pink accessories

If you want to try a little pink at home but you’re not ready for a huge, statement piece, try bringing the color home with a few smaller pieces. Woven baskets, like those hung on this bedroom wall, make a beautiful impact. They show how just a dose of pink, even through tiny accessories, can be used to pack a lot of personality into a room. Small, pink accessories allow you to be playful with the color, while providing more flexibility to experiment and find what is the right amount of pink for you.

Pink walls

Of course, there’s no better way to bring color into a space than with paint. Paint is also the best way to exploit one of the new powers of Millennial Pink – its ability to act as a neutral. Pale shades of pink on the walls offer a lovely and relaxing backdrop that’s every bit as soothing as white, beige or gray, but at the same time, gives the walls some activity and personality of their own. You’ll be delighted to see how well pink acts as a neutral shade, fading into the background. And you’ll be pleased by how well your other color choices will interact with your pink walls in shades like this hue, Coney Island Pink.

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