How to make your next move as easy as possible

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Whether you are renting or buying, getting a new place is exciting and full of possibility. But before you get to enjoy making your new place a home you have to move, which can be a stressful process. There is so much to organize, pack and prepare to make a move successful.

As someone who has moved more times than I care to count, and far (I’ve called 3 states home) I know a thing or two about moving. And after each move I learn something new that helps make the next move easier.

Get organized

It might seem to go against the grain, but moving can be stress free. The more organized you are in the weeks leading up to the big day the smoother it will go.

One of the best ways to get organized is using a printable moving checklist designed to help you prioritize your packing.

Printable moving checklist

Donate, sell or toss unwanted items

A move is the perfect time to evaluate what you are still using. While parting with things can be hard, it can also be very freeing. And you might even be able to make a little cash by selling your cast offs to help offset moving costs. Getting rid of unwanted items is also a real time and space saver in the moving process.

  • Toss- ripped, torn, stained items
  • Sell- high end and bigger items
  • Donate- old clothes, computers, cords, dishes

Get the right moving supplies

Investing in the right supplies will help make sure your stuff arrives in good condition.

Recommended packing materials include:

  • Boxes
    • Stock up on a variety of sizes.
    • Get more than you think you need. We tend to underestimate the amount of stuff we have
    • Check your local grocery store for free boxes.
  • Moving Labels
    • These will help movers and you identify where a box should go on moving day.
    • If you’re on the move, be sure to request your free, Flo-inspired moving box labels.
  • Heavy Duty Storage/File Boxes
    • Benefits of these are that they are strong, have handles and stack well.
    • Ideal for packing heavy items like books and dishes.
  • Space Saving Bags
    • Great for packing linens and seasonal items that otherwise would take up a lot of space in a moving truck.
  • Bubble wrap or other cushioning wrapping item.
    • Will help protect your valuables and dishes from breaking.
    • Get a large roll.
  • Strong tape
    • Get several rolls of high quality tape.
    • Perfect for reinforcing boxes.
  • Stretch Film
    • Great for so many things!
      • Protecting fabric or leather dining chairs
      • Protecting your couch, chairs, etc.
      • Keeping dresser drawers from falling out.
      • Keeping lids on any plastic moving containers.
    • 30 Gallon Garbage Bags
      • Great for packing hanging clothing.
      • Perfect for that one drawer you forgot you to pack.

Moving is far from anyone’s favorite thing to do, but it can be a breeze. If you stick to a plan and get the right packing materials when the big day comes you’ll be ready.


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