When to not take your pet on vacation

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Many people consider their pet a part of the family. They do everything and go everywhere with us. Vacations are generally a way for us humans to unwind, but there are times when taking our pets with us can cause them, or us, too much stress. Here are four situations where it may be best leave your pet at home.

Anxious pet

An anxious or high strung pet will not appreciate a change in routine, even if it is relaxing at the beach. Pets that suffer from nervousness in new situations will feel best left at home. Cats especially tend to not be fond of changes in routine.

Instead, try an in-home sitter for these pets so they can still be in the familiar surroundings of home. There are several reputable online pet sitting organizations online that you can check out, making this option easier than ever.

Non pet-friendly accommodations

If most of where you’ll spend your time is not a pet-friendly venue, it’s best to leave your pet at home. If you’re unsure if the places you’re going are pet-friendly or you’re assuming they are you should always contact them to verify. Vacations can be tricky to plan with a pet, especially when you may be spending large amounts of time where they aren’t allowed.

Hot or tropical locations

Hot or humid locations may not be the most comfortable or safe places for our four-legged friends. This is because our pets can overheat, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors with them. So if you’re going somewhere really warm, it’s best to plan for your pet to stay at home.

Sick pet

If your pet is sick, or has an on-going disease, it’s best to check with your veterinarian before travelling with them. Even a typically easy-going pet will have some stress as a result of the change in routine that vacation brings. Additionally, if you leave your pet at home, they’ll be closer to their regular veterinarian in case they need to go in for a visit.

Before traveling with your pet, you should ask yourself if it’s truly in your pet’s best interest to come along. Is your pet actually going to enjoy themselves? Or do you just not want to be apart? If your pet is going to feel safer and more comfortable at home, then an experienced pet-sitter or boarding facility may be a better option for your pet.

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