How to protect your home during a vacation

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When you’re getting ready for vacation, it can be hard enough to remember how to prepare yourself for the trip, let alone your whole home.

Dismiss some of that stress by hanging on to this home preparation checklist. From asking a neighbor to grab the mail to unplugging small devices, we’ve got your crisis prevention covered.

Turn off your main water valve

Find your main water valve and shut it off. It’s usually in the basement near your meter. If you’re leaving during winter temperatures (below freezing) be sure to drain all your faucets and flush your toilets after you shut off the valve, to prevent any standing water from freezing and bursting your pipes.

Turn your water heater to “vacation mode”

On every water heater, you can turn the dial to “vacation mode” which reduces the water heater’s energy consumption and keeps it at a minimal temperature.

Unplug small devices

Like your toaster and TV, and switch off any power strips with a lot of outlets.

Set your thermostat

Find a temperature that saves energy. A little cooler in the winter, a little warmer in the summer. If you have a programable thermostat, you can set your temperature to “away” mode and it will do the work for you.

Double-check your smoke detectors

Press the “test” button to ensure they’re working properly.

Leave a light on

One simple light can help mask the fact that you’re away. A simple automatic timer is best as it will turn a light on and off daily.

Mind your mail

Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to pick up the mail or for an extended leave of absence, place a hold on your mail via USPS.

Be quiet on social media

Try not to announce that you’re away on social media, you could make yourself an easy target for thieves. Instead, share your beautiful photos and experiences when you return.

You’re all set, jet-setter. Now that your home is all taken care of, the only thing left to do is have a great time. Don’t forget to write!

Be sure to always keep your home (and everything you love in it!) protected with a homeowners insurance policy from Progressive.

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