5 tips for puppy-or-kitten-proofing your home

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There are few things more adorable than a puppy or kitten. However, while incredibly cute, they’re also fast, sneaky little things who can get into trouble in a moment’s notice. Before you bring your new furry family member home, you’ll want to puppy- or kitten-proof your home. It’ll help keep them safe, and help you keep your sanity! Here are five tips to prepare your home for your new pet’s arrival.

1. View your home from their perspective

Get down at your puppy’s or kitten’s level and inspect your home from all angles. This includes getting down on your knees and looking for potential hazards. You will be surprised what you see from this view.

2. Protect your rugs and furniture

Temporarily remove any cherished rug and/or put down inexpensive runners during your pet’s first year. Cover couches and chairs with blankets as well. Rugs and furniture may become victims of bathroom emergencies, bite and claw marks.

3. Childproof your home

Puppies and kittens are curious creatures. They investigate their surroundings by pawing, clawing, and chewing. Purchase childproof locks and attach them to your cabinets and doors to keep cleaning supplies, food, garbage, and other temptations out of reach.

Any wires easily accessible to your new fur ball may be tempting for them to chew on. If you have any exposed TV, laptop, or cell phone cords, consider encasing them in chew-resistant PVC casings.

4. Use baby gates

Put up baby or doggy gates to limit where your new pet can go in your home. This includes containing them to certain rooms and, potentially, blocking stairs. By creating safe zones for them, you help minimize the potential trouble they can get into as well as help them acclimate to their new surroundings.

5. Tidy up

Keeping a tidy house can help prevent expensive visits to the veterinarian caused by your pet eating something harmful or toxic. Stash small items like needles, thread, hair ties, jewelry, and coins out of reach. Keep your counters and table tops clear. And get in the habit of completely closing all closet, bedroom, and bathroom doors.

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