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Imagine this scene – you’ve said your vows, eaten wedding cake, and toasted your marriage only to return from your honeymoon to… a house that suddenly feels too small. When you get engaged, life suddenly starts to move fast and get busy as you plan your wedding. Planning for a future home gets put on the back burner and you may find yourself living in a home with your new partner that is starting to feel cramped. I’m going to help you tackle this problem with my four signs it’s time for a space upgrade.

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Build a home that is both of yours

Often when you get engaged you move into whoevers space is better, whether that be larger or simply free of roommates. Sure, you can re-decorate the space to make it feel more equal but sometimes that’s just not enough. To begin your new life together it’s nice to start fresh with a home that is chosen by both of you. While you can add your décor to a space, you can’t magically add in extra bathrooms or a larger living room. If you’re feeling like you’ve simply patched over a space that was once a bachelor pad or a girly haven it might be time to consider searching for a space you can truly call “our home.”

Space for all of your wedding gifts

When you combine two homes there’s often an overlap of furniture. Not to mention after getting married you suddenly need storage for lots of new gifts. If you find yourself needing to rent a storage unt, it is definitely time for a space upgrade. Having a chaotic house with closets overflowing and storage areas bursting at the seams is not a good way to start your life together. Too much mess only causes stress and moving into a larger home can easily alleviate this.

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Visiting friends and family

Getting married does this magical thing to your social life. Suddenly your family members have doubled and your friend group has expanded. With all of these new people in your life, you are going to need space to accommodate them. Whether it’s hosting Thanksgiving or simply a fun couples weekend, you are going to want a separate bedroom and bathroom to accommodate your guests.

Looking to start a family

Whether you and your partner want to have kids right away or in a few years, it’s much easier to find a larger space before you actually have children. Finding a new home and moving is a headache. Add a newborn, all of their baby things, plus your exhaustion as new parents and it’s an even bigger process. If your current space doesn’t have room for a family of three it’s time to find something that does.

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One or both of you work from home

It is becoming more common that one or both partners work from home full or part-time. Either you are a small business owner or the company you work for allows for flexibility. If one of you finds yourself working at home then you definitely need to have a room separate from your bedroom and living room. Having a separate workspace is important for a healthy work-life balance. It is also invaluable when you are first starting out your married life. When the workday is done it’s important to completely disconnect and spend time with your partner and having a larger space will help you achieve this balance.

Do any of these signs sound like you? Well then it might be time to start considering a larger space. But once you do decide to start the process of finding a new home, make sure to get your finances in order and make a conscious decision on what you can actually afford. When planning for your space upgrade make sure to include homeowners or renters insurance in your budget. If you get a quote now you’ll be ready for the unexpected and better prepared for your future.

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