The best holiday tech gifts

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The holiday shopping season is here, and it’s probably safe to say that you still have some holiday shopping to finish prior to family gatherings and gift exchanges. Buying for a loved one can, undoubtedly, be difficult at times. Uncertainty over what the receiver of the gift might like or what they might already have can make things exponentially more difficult. Below we have highlighted some fun gift ideas that are guaranteed to brighten your loved one’s holiday season in 2018!

Voice-activated speakers and assistants

There are many new voice-activated speakers taking the market by storm this year. And, established brands rolled out new improvements to the look and software that are sure to entice the holdouts, and those looking to upgrade. There are also kid-safe versions that play music, games, quizzes, and tell jokes and stories. Voice-activated speakers make an extremely affordable option for everyone on your list this holiday season!

Portable charger

Everyone is in need of a phone charger at some point, but for those who are always connected to their mobile device, a portable phone charger is the perfect gift! When looking for a good one, we recommend one that supports charging capabilities for both Androids and iPhones. This allows your friends and family to share the charging wealth with others, and be useful should they get a new smartphone. These come in a variety of price points and provide great value.

Video calling devices

This trend has really taken off, from smartphones to special external devices. In an external device, we recommend one that has a variety of features, like the capability to watch video, look at weather forecasts, and complete face-time calling. These devices cost a bit more than some other electronics, however, are still a great gift option in 2018.

Bluetooth speakers

Portable speakers have been all the talk over the past couple of years and that trend continues. We recommend ones that are easily transportable, as well as fully waterproof, so it can easily transition from the office to the beach.

We hope the above suggestions helped you in rounding out your shopping list. We wish a truly happy holiday season to you and yours!

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