The ultimate kitchen gadget hacks

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There comes a time of year when creating memorable moments over family dinner isn’t just a nice goal, but also an expected rite of passage.  Unless you’re a celebrity chef,  you probably have a limited amount of kitchen gadgets and accessories.  Lucky for you, smart, connected kitchens can help even the most inexperienced. From Wi-Fi-connected appliances to double-duty kitchen accessories, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite kitchen gadgets and hacks to help you own your next family dinner and crown you the kitchen hero:

Create more meals with fewer ingredients

Looking to create an amazing meal with less than bountiful ingredients in your pantry? There are a number of kitchen apps that will help you simplify and streamline your cooking by eliminating the guesswork of resizing recipes and ingredient substitutions. With connected kitchen gadgets and apps, you’ll turn into a roasting and baking professional using ingredients you already have in your pantry at home.

Bake custom meals and desserts at once

Create customized meals and desserts simultaneously with one of my favorite kitchen essentials, a personal pie maker.  This is the ultimate gadget for pulling double-duty and creating endless options for meals.  Why wouldn’t you want to impress your guests with savory and sweet personal pies?  From hearty chicken pot pies to cinnamon sweet apple pies, you can create hundreds of tasty miniature options with this kitchen MVP.

Smart slow cookers for the win

Slow cookers have topped many lists as one of the best multipurpose kitchen gadgets for family dinners worldwide.  Now, Wi-Fi-powered slow cookers could be one of the best kitchen investments you make this year.  Imagine creating and monitoring meals at home even when you’re miles away.  With a connected cooker, you can monitor and adjust the slow cooker’s timer and heat settings directly from an app on your smartphone.  Sure, slow cookers are great for pot roasts and chili, but did you know they make a great alternative for keeping mashed potatoes warm, smooth and silky for hours? The next time you opt for making buttery mashed potatoes for dinner, don’t leave them in your cooking pot to eventually get cold and lumpy.  Keep your favorite mashed potato recipe warm and delicious for hours by placing them in a slow cooker with a little cream.  

Designing memorable family moments over a great meal doesn’t have to be a daunting task.  Simply extending your love for tech and utilizing great kitchen gadgets can extend your culinary repertoire and have you working smarter (not harder) for your next dinner with family.


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