How to transform your home with paint

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Entertainment room with black coffee table and mounted television

Every so often each of us gets the bug to do something a little different with our living space. When that happens the level of change that we’re looking for is generally more than a refresh, but still several steps shy of a whole renovation. But there is one home decor solution that is tailor-made for these situations, it’s relatively inexpensive and easier to install than a new kitchen. That solution is paint.

Paint is an excellent way to give any room in your house a whole new look. Every room starts with color, and there’s no bigger color decision that you can make in any room than choosing the color of the walls. Whether you need your space to feel more open, more energetic, or more soothing, all of these things can be accomplished with just a simple coat of paint in the right color. Here’s just a few of things that you can do to transform your space with paint.

Layers and neutrals

Girl's bedroom with pink bedding and girly accents

There’s no bigger canvas for color in your home than your walls. Painting your walls can give you a starting point from which to build the color story that will define your entire interior. So whether you go with something bright and bold or neutral and subdued, the paint you put on your walls becomes the background for every other color to work from.

In this room, the walls are the basis for creating layers of different shades of the same color. Pink is one of the new neutrals, a more colorful set of alternatives to white and gray that provide the same calming backdrop when used on large spaces and lighter tones, but with a bit more personality than the traditional neutrals tend to offer. If you’re searching for a new look but still want to bring a bit more interest to a room, colors like this are the ones to start with.

Paint Color Caption: Coney Island Pink Paint By AphroChic

Dining rooms

Dining room with tan table, brown chairs and modern gold and white painting

Dining Rooms The dining room is one of those spaces in the home that can go for years without receiving any kind of style update. That’s because for most of us, changing the dining room means changing all of the furniture that makes the room what it is. But with a fresh coat of paint, even a dining room set that you’ve had for years can take on a whole new life.

This dining room is a great example of just how much fun you can have with paint colors in the room that’s designed for entertaining. The gray on this wall has just the slightest undertone of purple in it. The combination gives the wall a cool but slightly colorful look that works well with the warm wood tones of the table and chairs. The golden art on the wall is the finishing touch that brings it all together, combining the cool and warm color influences in one piece.

Paint Color Caption: Bed-Stuy Paint By AphroChic

Colorful paint and gallery walls

Gallery wall with colorful paintings

For those who are ready to embrace color in a larger way, there’s no end to the number of things you can accomplish with even a small amount of paint. A feature wall is a beautiful design element that can easily steal the show, transforming your room in the process. Not only can you create a colorful statement that stands out against the furnishings in the room, your can be a dramatic backdrop for other elements, like a small art gallery.

This wall perfectly demonstrates just how far you can go with paint to change the look and feel of just about any room. An impressive number of artworks decorate the wall in this industrial space, but even more impressive is how each piece has a different relationship to the colors of the wall beneath. While some pieces echo one or more of the distinctive shades, others use them as a background to pop off of. Other works of art, with a more neutral color palette offer a contrast to the vibrant shades on the wall, giving the eye a moment to rest. The result is a symphony of colors that all begins with a designing a fun paint palette.

Paint Color Caption: Wrought Iron Paint by AphroChic

Vibrant furniture

Bright pink dresser and shelves with colorful rug

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Paint works in almost every room of the house. All it takes is a little imagination to make something amazing happen. Even in spaces where it doesn’t work to paint the walls there’s still plenty of ways to be creative with paint. Furniture can be given a complete overhaul with a favorite shade.

Who doesn’t need a little extra energy when they’re getting dressed? A closet like this is sure to give you all you need whether you’re getting ready for a day at work or a night on the town. This bright, vibrant, hot pink turns an ordinary closet into a design statement that will inspire you to make a fashion statement as well.

Paint Color Caption: Black Cherry Paint By AphroChic

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