How to keep your phone safe at the beach

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There’s nothing better than a hot summer day at the beach. Unfortunately, many of the things we love about the beach—water, sun, sand—can spell disaster for your smartphone. Here are a few tips to keep your smartphone protected.

1. Put your phone in a zip-close bag

This is an easy and inexpensive way to protect your smartphone. You probably have zip-close bags in your kitchen right now! The plastic protects your phone from water and sand while still allowing you to use it.

2. Keep your phone out of direct sun

Overheating can cause the adhesive that holds your phone’s components together to disintegrate and even damage some of the hardware inside. Leave your phone in the shade or tucked away in your beach bag when you’re not using it.

3. Put tape over any openings

Getting sand into any opening—such as your charging port or headphone jack—can cause them to stop working or damage your phone altogether. Covering openings with tape ensures no sand gets into your phone.

4. Make a clever hiding place

Instead of throwing away your used sunscreen bottle or old Pringles can, use it as a clever disguise for your phone. Make sure it’s clean, then put your phone inside while you’re swimming to deter any potential thieves.

5. Don’t leave your phone in the car

It can be tempting to leave your phone safely locked in your car, but this can spell disaster. On a hot sunny day, a locked car can easily reach over 100 degrees, and like direct sun, extreme heat can damage your phone’s hardware and permanently shorten the battery life.

6. Get your phone insured

No matter how careful you are, accidents can still happen. Device insurance is very affordable and worth every penny if your phone is damaged or stolen. Coverage protects you from drops, cracked screens, theft, and water damage. Perfect protection for a day at the beach!

Spending time at the beach is fun and relaxing. Use these tips to help stop you from worrying and allow you to fully enjoy your fun in the sun!

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