The one discount a savings pro missed

I’ve always been financially savvy (some say “frugal”). I like to think of myself as the Michael Jordan of savings … the greatest ever. My career highlight occurred in college when I donated plasma just so I could afford to take my then-girlfriend, now-wife on dates. Not blood, but plasma because you’re allowed to cram in more sessions, which means more money.

But through all my savings hacks, I missed one very big opportunity: combining and bundling insurance.

This gets a little geeky, but here are the two biggest savings opportunities I missed:

  1. Combining car insurance: At Progressive, you can add literally anyone you live with (girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, roommate, etc.) to your policy and save. You don’t even have to be married or related, and you still get a sweet discount. So it turns out my old roommate, Frank, who cleaned zero things in three years, was at least worth something.
  2. Bundling renters or homeowners and auto: This is pretty straightforward—insure both at Progressive and save even more. Plus, why manage your policies from two separate companies? See more on insurance bundles.

That’s a lot of savings I missed out on (but I still consider myself the MJ of savings … heck, even he missed some game winners).

Pro tips on popping the combining insurance question

Assuming you like discounts, you just have to get your insurance partner to want to tango, too. Here are some pro tips:

  • Do the math: Add what you’re paying for car insurance to what your roommate is paying. Then get a car insurance quote. Compare and see what you could save.
  • Put the savings to something you both want: You could both agree to put the monthly savings to a new couch, entertainment center, etc.
  • Add it to your monthly bills: You share rent, cable, Internet, utilities and probably more. Why not just add the insurance bill and divide that up the same?

Simple enough, right? Now, you can go back and impress your roommate or significant other with your pro insurance savings knowledge. Because really, what’s more impressive than having infinite knowledge on bundling and combining insurance policies?


Discounts not available in all states or situations.

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