Introducing “Delly All Heart Coverage”

We’re “all in” and all about giving back to our communities

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ hard-working guard Matthew Dellavedova—affectionately known as “Delly”—has come out of nowhere to become a star of the 2015 NBA Finals. His grit and determination on the court has proven that when you play with heart people notice. That’s definitely something we can relate to as a company.

We put hard work and heart into everything we do. It’s how we make progress. And as we’re seeing with Delly this post-season, that’s how he makes progress, too. Whether you root for the Cavaliers, the Golden State Warriors, or your own hometown team, heart is something that’s easy to recognize and appreciate.

Between now and the end of the NBA Finals championship series, we’ll have some fun celebrating the determination and heart that Delly brings to every game with our first-of-its-kind coverage, “Delly All Heart Coverage.” Through it, we’ll donate $1,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland every time Dellavedova sinks a foul shot during the Finals. Grinding it out on the floor, taking a foul, and producing at the line is just the kind of work Dellavedova is known for. Our donations will be earmarked for STEM education efforts.

“No matter where you’re from, people are noticing the heart Delly brings to the basketball court,” says CEO Glenn Renwick. “He leaves it out there with every game. And, that’s the kind of work ethic our employees bring to serving our customers. No question: we’re ‘all in’.”

Stay up to date on the progress of our “Delly All Heart Coverage” and total donation amount by following our social channels throughout the championship series.