LumiLor helps motorcyclists get noticed

Motorcyclists care about two things above all: Safety, and making their bikes look amazing.

It’s rare that one product can serve both purposes. But that’s exactly what Darkside Scientific’s LumiLor Electroluminescent Coating System does. As its slightly cumbersome name suggests, LumiLor is paint that lights up. It’s every bit as amazing as it sounds.

LumiLor is called “electroluminescent” because the paint emits a soft glow in response to an electric current passing through it. When used for a custom motorcycle paint job, the bike’s battery provides the power. But, it can be applied to virtually any object that would take a coat of regular paint: guitars, furniture, skateboards, ceilings and walls … the possibilities are limitless. When applied to something the size of a motorcycle helmet, a couple of nine-volt batteries provide enough power to surround a rider’s head in a halo of beautiful light. LumiLor comes in white, green, radioactive green, blue, blue-green and orange, but the colors can be mixed to create almost any hue. And like ordinary paint, it’s durable, protective and, when applied over a regular black base coat, invisible until the power is turned on.

For motorcyclists, its appeal is obvious—who wouldn’t want to ride through the night with a glowing dragon, wizard or eagle on his or her fuel tank? But an electroluminescent paint job offers another benefit, as well: By making riders more visible, it also helps keep them safe. Because a simple failure to see motorcyclists is behind so many accidents, anything that can help a rider get noticed is a godsend. And getting noticed is what LumiLor is all about.

An invention that enhances a rider’s safety as it turns the heads of everyone it passes? We suspect that with LumiLor, Darkside Scientific has a very bright future ahead of it.