Love the unknown: LAX to Atlanta with Brother Moto

The Brother Moto team is heading out on a motorcycle camping trip where we will be camping and exploring along the West Coast for the next three weeks. A few years ago we set out on a cross-country trip on vintage motorcycles from Atlanta to Los Angeles. We packed too much, rode too fast, and had the best of times. Needless to say we learned a lot about what to bring and how to pack for a long-term trip such as this. Although it was an incredible time and we loved the spirit of riding around on vintage motorbikes without any plans, there was still a lot we wished we did differently. We are so excited to partner with Progressive to have just that opportunity. You should follow along it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Love the unknown

Now that we have that out of the way we are excited to introduce our trip log we call it Love The Unknown.

For this trip we were already facing a new challenge, as we were flying in to LAX from Atlanta as opposed to driving. We had to be very strategic about what it was we were going to bring. We would be packing for the next three weeks, but would be limited on what we could fly with so this in itself would be incredibly difficult. We both decided to carry on most of our gear in two carry on bags and then check one bag with our tent and food since this took up a ton of space.

Here is everything we packed in one neat little photo. It’s a lot but we managed to fit it all in our bags and get them on the bikes. The 3 most important thing to pack no matter what? Rain Gear, Socks, an extra sweater.

Bags packed, we landed in LAX and picked up our bikes. We were riding two newer MotoGuzzi V7 motorcycles and this would be our first time every sitting on these so we were exited to finally load them up with all of our gear and test them out for ourselves. Luckily we brought tons of straps and we were able to load them down pretty easily and the bikes seemed to handle really well; even loaded down. The only thing we had to do now was head straight up the coast to Portland.

Our goal was to make it to Portland as fast possible so that we could meet some friends, and then ride down the coast nice and slow. Our first few days were a bit hurried but we hope you enjoy our three-day trek from Los Angeles all the way up to Portland. After a few exhausting days of camping, we are sitting in Portland, enjoying coffee and mapping out the rest of our trip.