More loyalty rewards for you

From Silver to Gold to Platinum to Diamond, your free Progressive Loyalty Rewards savings and benefits get better with each level.

Now, thanks to your feedback, you’re in line for even more benefits beyond Diamond.

You told us what you wanted, like priority call service and renewal guarantees, and now they’re yours for the taking with our new Emerald and Crown Loyalty Rewards!

When you become an Emerald customer, you’ll go straight to the front of the line when you call us. We’ll prioritize your calls so you get help faster. It’s like walking into a crowded restaurant without a reservation and finding a table kept open just for you. If you haven’t already, you’ll achieve Emerald-level membership after you’ve been with us for 10 years.

After you’ve been with us for 20 years, you’ll earn Crown-level membership and the renewal guarantee, which means we’ll renew your policy no matter what happens to your driving record. Plus, we have a few other Crown-level rewards that we’re currently fine-tuning, so keep your eye out for future announcements.

To check your current Loyalty level, just log in to your policy and visit “Discounts and Programs.”