Custom motorcycle painting

There is an undeniable connection between motorcycles and art. And Revival Cycles is a leader in custom motorcycle design and engineering. They are also producers of a renowned motorcycle event serving to showcase some of the most beautifully hand-crafted motorcycles and their builders from all over the country, The Handbuilt Show in Austin, TX.

The team at Revival believes that a motorcycle should be an aesthetic expression that demonstrates the beauty of purposeful form, seamlessly blending visual design with technical excellence. And Progressive embraces that type of thinking. So Progressive found it fitting to collaborate on a project intended to complete the missing piece to Revival’s immaculate BMW S1000RR track bike.  The S1000RR is Revival’s Endurance Race bike. It’s a modern sport bike, exceptionally tuned by Stefan Hertel, Head Engineer at Revival, and its body design was meticulously hand-shaped in honor of retro race bike platforms. As Revival’s Lead Fabricator, Andy James, puts it, “this bike is a love letter to all of our favorite race bikes of the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s.

Finding the perfect person to complete the project was easy! Revival Founder, Alan Stulberg, is a charismatic motorcycle enthusiast with a well-deserved network of reputable industry pals. He just so happens to be long-time friends with Los Angeles-based Nico Sclater (pronounced: Nick-O), A.K.A., artist Ornamental Conifer. Nico specializes in typography, and is a 3D paint extraordinaire. In short, Nico’s work is truly remarkable, and will make you look twice.

Nico’s passion for motorcycles, and his natural ability to promote and stimulate intricate, and subtle characteristics through his artwork made him the perfect fit to take on the job. Although, he does tend to have a modest side… “When something is hand-crafted, and then you are given it to work on top of, it’s like someone saying, “Hey, I’ve made this amazing painting, now you do something on top of it.”

The finished work boasts a keen balance of track-culture inspiration (i.e., number plates and fender tags) and modern street art, in an almost symbiotic relationship. There are notes of Nico’s iconic style, anamorphic lines that enhance Revival’s body shaping, and even some hidden gems for the partners involved (hint: check out the underbody art).