Dive, ride and glide—the new watercraft

Welcome to the wonderful new world of watercraft where it’s not just boats and PWCs anymore. It’s about amphibious vessels and watercraft that help you swim like a fish or glide on the surface like a bird.

And while we’re not quite ready to insure the following innovative watercraft, we’re always keeping an eye on the industry and looking for ways to provide the coverage you need to boat the way you want.

Check out how the following vessels are disrupting the meaning of “watercraft” on and under water:

1. Seabreacher:

Closest you’ll ever get to swimming like a dolphin

Swim, dip, and even barrel roll—the Seabreacher watercraft can top out around 55 miles per hour on the surface and dive down at 20 mph. But, the real joy is jumping out of the water as high as you can—up to 20 feet.

2. QuadSki:

For your amphibious adventures

The QuadSki is a cross between a quad and a jet ski, with 140 horse power on water. Take the QuadSki off road and off land—you can drive it right into water, convert it to a jet ski and cruise on.

3. Quadrofoil:

It’s like flying on the water

The electric Quadrofoil zips and skims across the water, basically emission-free. As you reach about 7 mph on this boat, the hydrofoil wings essentially lift the boat up so it feels like you’re flying. The Quadrofoil can travel more than 60 miles on a single charge and tops out around 24 mph.