No warranty? No problem

I just paid off my car!

It took me a few years, but she (I named her Dolly) is finally all mine. Now I plan to keep her for as long as she runs and make the most of my investment. Thankfully, she’s been wheeling around just fine with the typical maintenance routine (oil changes, brake pads, tire rotation, etc.). But, having recently topped 60,000 miles, my warranty coverage recently lapsed so, according to Murphy’s Law, this is around the time she will start to need repairs.

Isn’t that how it works?

To keep her in safe working order, I’ve been looking into mechanical breakdown insurance, which can extend my warranty.  Features to look for from an extended warranty:

Choice of plans

Dolly is not a one-size-fits-all type of car. Thankfully, with a selection of repair plans to choose from, I get to decide which plan, and which price, is right for me.

One deductible

Even if I need multiple repairs, I’ll only have to pay one deductible per visit to the repair shop. And speaking of shops …

Choice of repair shop

If Dolly ever needs help, I get to choose my preferred, licensed repair shop. I love the idea of being able to have her cared for at the same place that does my oil changes every five thousand miles—they know her, after all (and have free Wi-Fi).

For Dolly, having mechanical breakdown coverage might be the best gift I could give her. And it might be the smartest one I give to myself.