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Simple checks to make on a car every 6 months

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Simple checks you can make on your car at home. What you should look at least every six months if not more often than that, but there are certainly some items you will want to check more often than that.

Part 1: Tires, brakes, suspension

The 3 things to check on your tires

1. Tread depth
2. Tire pressure
3. How the tire is wearing

Inspecting your brake pads

New brake pads typically have around 12mm of material.
If there is only 3mm of pad material left you will want to start thinking about replacing them.

Inspecting your suspension shock absorber

Do visual check for leaking fluids and damage to shock and springs

Part 2: Fluids and filters

Check your engine oil

The 2 things to check on your oil
1. Oil level-  the level should lie somewhere between the high and low indicator
2. For color and clarity
Note: If you see a milkiness in the oil color it could indicate that coolant is getting in with your engine oil, which is a sign of a larger problem. If you see this consult your trusted mechanic.

Check brake fluid and coolant fluid levels

Fluid levels fall between the minimum and maximum line

Engine and cabin air filters

Inspect for debris and grease

Part 3: Wipers and lights


2 things to check for on your blades
1. smooth continuous surface
2. rubber is still flexible and not deteriorating

Exterior lights

Check the following lights
1. Headlights
2. Indicators
3. Brake lights

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