car tires on asphalt road

A guide to the right tires for every season

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Summer tires

Designed to perform in hot and dry weather. The tread is designed to help with overall steering and responsiveness.

summer tires driving on road

Winter tires

The tread pattern is designed to evacuate water and slush. Winter tires also have deep grooves to help hold in packed snow for snow on snow traction which can improve the grip of the tire.

winter tire driving on snow

Winter tires also feature zigzag sipes, which help create a biting edge that is great for wet, snowy, and icy conditions.

winter tires zigzag sipes

All season tires

These tires combine the features of both summer tires and winter tires.

In the center they have zigzag sipes like winter tires, and on the outside there are less features to allow for good cornering grip.

all season tire

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