How to find the safest cars on the road

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IIHS crash test ratings, videos and research can help you find the safest cars

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) are dedicated to making our roads and vehicles safer.

These related organizations work closely with vehicle and equipment makers, as well as car insurers. Their safety ratings and popular crash test videos have helped countless people be more informed car shoppers.

Like many insurers, we support IIHS and HLDI by sending them high-level information about vehicle accidents.

And, since 2000, we’ve shared links to IIHS safety ratings, crash test videos, and other information with our customers. It’s to help you be more confident about the vehicles you’re considering.

Search IIHS ratings

Visit the IIHS/HLDI website to search for a certain make or model. Or see their top safety picks by category for each year. If you’re still interested in more, see their latest videos.

A win for science

IIHS and HLDI have played a key part in the vehicle safety improvements we’ve seen over the last few decades. Many of the safety features we take for granted are as effective as they are thanks, in part, to their research.

They’re also evolving their focus as manufacturers develop new safety technologies. These technologies range from the accident avoidance systems starting to appear in cars today, to the fully automated driving systems that are only now being tested.

IIHS now provides not only the traditional “Top Safety Picks” for crash-worthy cars, but a new “Top Safety Pick Plus” for cars that include such new technology.

Once you’ve narrowed down your car choices, get a quick, free car insurance quote so you can be completely confident and knowledgeable when you visit the dealership.

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