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How to check coolant and windshield fluid

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Baffled by all the fluid caps underneath your car’s hood? You’re not alone. Learn how to check the coolant and windshield washer fluid levels in your car in less than two minutes. And learn how to do so safely.

The easiest way to identify where the coolant and windshield washer fluid containers are located under the hood of your car is to check the caps.

But safety first—always make sure the engine has cooled down; never open the cooling system when the engine is hot! 

To find the coolant lid, look for the phrase “Coolant Reservoir,” a symbol that looks like a radiator, and/or words that tell you what type of coolant the system requires. Above all, always pay attention to the “hot” temperature warnings that will be displayed on most containers!

Windshield washer reservoirs are usually easier to find—just look for a visual of the windshield and a wiper.


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