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Whether you’re taking the car to the beach or your RV to a National Park, planning a road trip is exciting. But, before you hit the open road and leave your cares behind, you need to do some planning. You can never be too prepared, which is why we’ve collected expert tips and tricks for your next cross-country journey.

What to know before you leave

It’s important to start your road trip off right and that means preparing for your drive BEFORE you leave the house.

Our favorite tip? Leave the morning before instead of after work. You won’t feel drained and droopy eyed. Plus, there’s no rush to get out the door.

More on how to prepare here.  

Have success with spontaneity

Road trips are supposed to be an adventure. But, with a packed itinerary and a long list of must see sights; sometimes, it can start to feel like you need a vacation from your vacation.

Learn how to leave room for spontaneity without sacrificing your plans.

Get the full list here.

Family’s first road trip

For an epic family road trip, you need to think ahead. The last thing you want is to question your home’s security. Prevent theft by arranging lawn care before you leave and having a young neighbor check for unexpected packages.

You can also prep on the go when you download helpful apps. With a click of a button you can see traffic updates, find the lowest gas price or explore restaurants nearby.

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How to keep your kids entertained.

Are we there yet? If you want to get through a road trip without hearing this phrase, we’re here for you.

Developing a routine is your best bet. Fill three-hours blocks with rounds of activities like bingo or a movie. Your kids will get a sense of what’s coming next and you can plan ahead.

Find the best ways to keep your kids entertained and prevent meltdowns BEFORE they happen.

Find out more here.  

No matter your destination, these tips will help you stress less and get more out of your drive. Our biggest tip is thinking ahead. The more you know the smoother your trip will be. So get out there and embrace the journey.



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