Progress is in our name: The Apron Project

Nov 24th, 2015

In 1937, our company founders, Joe Lewis and Jack Green, had an insight: Car insurance was considered something just for the wealthy. Working families needed it, but often didn’t have the money to pay for it.

So, they formed a company, named it “Progressive,” and started selling policies with a more affordable payment plan.

They made insurance a little bit better by making it accessible to more people who needed it.

Redefining insurance

Since then, Progressive has grown by applying that kind of counterintuitive thinking … by getting to work and continuing to make insurance a little bit better … by making progress.

It’s why we put our competitors’ rates on our own website.

It’s why, through our Name Your Price® feature, we ask customers to tell us what they want to pay.

It’s why we offer Snapshot®, a program that helps make insurance rates fair for everyone.

It’s why, through our Service Centers, we offer to handle the back-and-forth with a repair shop on the customer’s behalf.

Shining a light on progress

Through the Apron Project, we’re shining a light on people outside Progressive who make progress by making something a little bit better.

In those people, we imagine our founders’ entrepreneurial drive, counterintuitive thinking, and our foundation of progress.

Now, we’re helping them tell their stories and share their passion.

We find them inspiring, and hope you do too.