Protect your boat’s propulsion system

How a low-cost coverage can save boaters from high-cost repairs

If you’ve ever had to repair or replace the lower unit on an outboard motor or the upper and lower units of a sterndrive motor, then you know it can easily cost you thousands of dollars.

Thankfully, now you can let us pay the bill.

With Propulsion Plus® coverage, exclusively from Progressive, we’ll pay to repair or replace these components in case of mechanical breakdown. We’ll even pay when the breakdown results from normal wear and tear.

Even better, the newer the boat, the lower the annual premium is for the life of the policy. In fact, coverage for a brand-new boat can start for as little as $38 a year.

With certain replacements costing $3,300 or more, this low-cost coverage brings plenty of value in return. Learn more about all our boat insurance coverages and hit the water with renewed confidence—we’ve got your back.*

*Progressive customers must have On-Water Towing/Sign & Glide® coverage to add Propulsion Plus coverage. May not be available in all states.