2017: A great year for the tiny trailer

The Hershey RV Show takes place every year in Hershey, Pennsylvania and is one of the largest RV shows in the country. It is also where many manufacturers show off their brand new 2017 RV models. That makes it the perfect place to scope out the latest trends in the RV industry.

This year is was obvious that the tiny trailer is getting a facelift. What qualifies as a tiny trailer? Basically, any travel trailer that is under 20 feet and less than 3,500 pounds. This makes the RV towable by a family minivan, crossover, or SUV. So for the RV consumer that wants an affordable lightweight travel trailer that they can tow without owning a truck, these are great options!

The Hummingbird by Jayco

The Hummingbird came out of the gate strong. John Fisher, the product line manager, told us that they originally expected to sell about 12,000 in the first model year. Well, they are already over 20,000 units sold, and the orders keep coming in.

There are currently five floor models available in this ultralight line, one offering a rear kitchen with tons of counter space and another offering a large bathroom with lots of elbow room. The MSRP for these units is about $24,000.

Serro Scotty by Little Guy Worldwide

Many people expected Little Guy to unveil a replica of the vintage Scotty trailers, but that is not what we discovered at the Hershey RV Show. Back in the 60s and 70s, Scotties were known as the “Working Man’s Trailer”, in other words…an affordable, family friendly RV.

That concept is what Little Guy showed off at the Hershey RV show. Out of the five floor plans, two offer bunk options and they can be towed with the family SUV. The MSRP comes in at about $18,000, so this is truly an affordable, entry level RV.

Basecamp by Airstream

We all love shiny, pretty things so the release of the Basecamp had everyone in a tizzy. Airstream did not disappoint. This is truly a trailer for two and is built for adventure. The back features a door for easy access and transport of ‘toys’, the wet bath feels surprisingly spacious, and the windows create an amazingly airy feeling even in a small space. The price point is affordable…in terms of an Airstream at least. MSRP starts at $34,000.

Touring by Hymer

This is the new kid on the block from a popular European manufacturer, and it won’t even be available until on this side of the pond until Spring 2017. In fact, the units on display were shipped in from Germany just for the RV show season. We are told the MSRP will be $20,000ish to $30,000ish, but we will report back as soon as more details and specs on the American version are available. As for the ones on display–they were light and airy and beautiful. The end.

The bottom line? It is a very good year for the tiny trailer, and lightweight seems to be trending. This is very good news for the RV shopper looking to tow with the vehicle already parked in the driveway.