Specialized coverages for all your adventures

It was June of 2007, and Michelle Stevenson was wondering if her family’s summertime getaway spot on Lake Erie’s South Bass Island was in shambles.

A bad windstorm had blown in from the west and destroyed the awning on the Stevensons’ travel trailer.

After surveying the damage, Michelle called Progressive to file a claim. She remembers crossing her fingers in hopes that she was covered.

A summer of fun was riding on that call.

To her surprise, not only was Progressive going to pay for the awning, but she didn’t owe a deductible: That’s the portion—typically $250 to $1,000—that the customer traditionally pays out-of-pocket when filing a comprehensive or collision claim.

And that was thanks to her choosing Disappearing Deductibles when she bought her policy.

It’s one of many specialized coverages available with a Progressive RV, motorcycle or boat policy. Choose it, and you’ll lower your deductible by 25 percent every claim-free year … until you owe nothing out-of-pocket if you have to file a claim.

“Replacing anything on South Bass is more expensive since everything has to come over on the boat,” said Michelle. “Thanks to Disappearing Deductibles, I was relieved that I could receive some compensation without paying anything.”

Added peace of mind

Customers like Michelle enjoy peace of mind and save money by including specialized coverages on their policies. These coverages provide added protection even when damage isn’t related to an accident.

“Let’s say your boat breaks down a quarter of a mile from land and you need a tow,” said Rick Stern, Progressive’s boat product manager. “There’s no way you can get away with paying any less than $250. And, if you’re farther out in the water, it’s not unusual to see a bill upwards of $1,500 based on the size of the boat.”

But, if you’ve signed up for a specialized coverage called Sign and Glide® On-Water Towing, Progressive would pay to dispatch a tow vessel to the site of the breakdown—with no out of pocket expenses on your end. No worries and no stress—all for less than $3 a month.

And that’s the great thing about specialized coverages, they help fill the void between homeowners insurance and a customer’s RV, bike or boat insurance. For anyone who’s made a significant investment in any type of powersports vehicle, it’s a way to ensure that if something does happen, that vehicle will be replaced, fixed or taken care of at a very limited cost.

Made in the shade

Just ask Michelle—she’ll be heading back to South Bass Island with her family this summer to enjoy the warm weather and her new awning, which was 100 percent paid for by Progressive.

“For under $20 a year, it’s money well spent,” she said.